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an impure form of quartz consisting of banded chalcedony

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She had bright hair tied up with a blue ribbon and her gay, lovely eyes were exactly like Colin's unhappy ones, agate gray and looking twice as big as they really were because of the black lashes all round them.
There were forty carbuncles, two hundred and ten sapphires, sixty-one agates, and a great quantity of beryls, onyxes, cats'-eyes, turquoises, and other stones, the very names of which I did not know at the time, though I have become more familiar with them since.
And south they went, along roads that steadily grew worse, through the dairy country of Langlois and through thick pine forests to Port Orford, where Saxon picked jeweled agates on the beach while Billy caught enormous rockcod.
They are seeking class action status for themselves and more than 200 other Agate shareholders, the lawsuit said.
Terry Coplin, the CEO of Agate, and the existing management team will continue to lead the local operations of Agate.
Maricopa Mining has recently completed an extensive three year market analysis of the fire agate market and believes it has tremendous future growth potential.
Native Americans considered chalcedony -- the family of minerals that includes jasper, onyx and agate -- capable of imparting strength and courage.
Agate also filed wager reports allegedly detailing the Federer bets.
Both the Greeks and the Romans used them for hardstone carvings and later on an important centre for agate polishing and carving was established at Idar-Oberstein in Germany.
Agate Hotels grew from Saker's vision to establish a new niche in the market, based on a 'health conscious hospitality' concept which provides, encourages and advocates a healthy lifestyle, but nevertheless offers the height of luxury for its guests.
Englishman Jeffrey Agate, a 59- year-old manager at the Du Pont plant in Derry, was murdered by IRA gunmen as he arrived home the following month.
Agate Nesaule's memoir is a couragous sharing of the experiences she endured--not just during World War II, but for many years following the war.
Even if you are not, you can increase your planetary luck by buying a piece of Agate before June 21st.
The first steps toward that goal are being pursued by NASA's AGATE (Advanced General Aviation Transports Experiment) consortium.