agape love

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selfless love of one person for another without sexual implications (especially love that is spiritual in nature)


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Agape love is the ideal love we humans strive for, but many often fail to achieve.
In order to give voice to the invitation, we must feel it deep in our being that the agape love that Jesus speaks of is for all of us.
The great tragedy in our teaching, our churches, and the way we live out our Christian lives is that because of our wrong view of the nature of agape love we have often pursued a belief system, a world view, and a list of dos and don'ts rather than pursuing a new heart.
However noble and lofty is the agape love, it is much easier said than done, as Christians have discovered.
E is for everlasting life, L is for agape love of Jesus Christ, V is for the vitality of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I is for the inspiration that God gives us everyday, S is the great salvation in the blood of the lamb," said Mr.
The faithful and celibate priest witnesses to this ability all the time, because his entire life is devoted not to erotic love, or conjugal love, or love based on feelings, but agape love, which is a sacrificial love, a love that exists on the level of the will.
Nothing could be more alien to an organization such as Planned Parenthood than agape love.
It was agape love that enabled me to reach out to her after repeated rejection.
He is remembered as a the public prophet of agape love, who taught his foot soldiers to turn the other cheek and to embrace the cardinal principles of Christian love, which demand that one loves his enemy.
Stephen's Food Bank and The Empty Stocking; in Perry, the food is donated to Project Agape Love (P.
It doesn't matter where you have been or what you have done, God's Agape love is available.
The term "gift of self" has become synonymous in Catholic circles with agape love.
In the next three chapters, he traces the development of Christian agape love toward others as a novel concept in the ancient world.