agape love

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selfless love of one person for another without sexual implications (especially love that is spiritual in nature)


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Present study found that Erotic Love and Agape Love Style play an important role to influence marital quality for female from joint family.
One may get some hints by examining Thomas Aquinas's discussion in Summa Theologize (written from 1265 to 1274) of the vice connected to charity or agape love, which he called acedia, a kind of laziness or sloth.
Agape love is the ideal love we humans strive for, but many often fail to achieve.
In order to give voice to the invitation, we must feel it deep in our being that the agape love that Jesus speaks of is for all of us.
The great tragedy in our teaching, our churches, and the way we live out our Christian lives is that because of our wrong view of the nature of agape love we have often pursued a belief system, a world view, and a list of dos and don'ts rather than pursuing a new heart.
In dealing with clients, everyone is treated the same and shown non-judgmental, agape love," she says.
III: Agape Love is to provide poetry for individuals who seek more intimacy and to offer instructions on how to be successful in romantic relationships.
Agape love (unconditional and selfless love) thus has been the centerpiece of Christian ethics and Christian core values.
The results of the Short Form Love Attitudes Scale (see Figure 3) found no significant differences between birth order position on the dimensions of Eros, Mania, Ludus, Storge, Pragma, and Agape love styles (all ps>.
Experiencing God's unconditional love for me--that agape love.
Elliott addresses several important misunderstandings in this chapter that have great implications today in theology and ministry such as the idea that love is theological understanding or action (p160), and agape love cannot be commanded and is uncaused (p164).
6) As for the difficulty of incorporating the erotic into Christian ethics, I suggest that the narrowing of the erotic to the body and to its sexual desire and pleasure, as well as the characterizing of it as selfish, and thus in opposition to agape love constitute part of the problem.
E is for everlasting life, L is for agape love of Jesus Christ, V is for the vitality of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I is for the inspiration that God gives us everyday, S is the great salvation in the blood of the lamb," said Mr.
The faithful and celibate priest witnesses to this ability all the time, because his entire life is devoted not to erotic love, or conjugal love, or love based on feelings, but agape love, which is a sacrificial love, a love that exists on the level of the will.
Nothing could be more alien to an organization such as Planned Parenthood than agape love.