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any of various plants of the genus Agapanthus having umbels of showy blue to purple flowers

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ABELIEVE it or not, agapanthus, or African lily, grows best in poor soils.
Everyone seems to be enamoured of agapanthus and in recent years they have lost their "difficult to grow" handle as more of us realise what straightforward subjects they are.
Those labelled blue or white are usually Agapanthus campanulatus, with large heads of flowers on 90cm stems.
Agapanthus may not return as successfully as alliums, as the blue or white flowers which are so prevalent in the Channel Islands prefer warmer climes, but you could also choose other species to provide texture and architectural value to such schemes, including globe thistle (Echinops), a tough, silvery plant with spiky leaves and bristly metallic blue flowers, or sea holly (Eryngium), with its blue, teasel-like flowers on bluetinted branching stems.
Tropicanna Black' blends particularly well in tropical gardens alongside other cannas, such as the two pictured, or with agapanthus, palms, and bananas.
Hanneke Van Dijk's impressive Agapanthus For Gardeners (0881926-566, $24.
The Bluestorm grows to between 28 and 34 inches and blooms for an average of 70 days, up to three weeks longer than other agapanthus varieties.
Q I'D love to grow agapanthus, but I'm not sure if the area I live in (Aberdeenshire) is warm enough as I know they come from South Africa.
At this time of year, and after all this heat, two ideal subjects for trying from seed would be agapanthus and eryngium.
3 Agapanthus In 3 Agapanthus In <B Vase, PS25, BHS Vase, PS25, BHS
Agapanthus, also known as the blue lily of the Nile or the African lily, is one of the most beautiful summer flowers with its large, often blue umbels of bell- or trumpet-shaped flowers borne on strong, upright stems above attractive, strap-like foliage.
One I will be particularly on the look out to purchase is a new agapanthus, although we do have several of these blue flowering summer bulbous plants already in our Victorian garden.
Before Agapanthus blooms, the color of its flower buds is almost identical to that of jacaranda flowers.