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Eighteen species of agamid lizards live in Sri Lanka, including three endemic genera and 15 (83%) endemic species (Bahir and Surasinghe 2005, Somaweera and Somaweera 2009).
2F) is one of the most widely distributed agamid lizards throughout the wet zone of Sri Lanka, its oviposition behavior has not been documented before.
A conservation assessment of the agamid lizards of Sri Lanka.
Eighteen species of agamid lizards, family Agamidae, have been recognized from Sri Lanka and fifteen (83%) of them are endemic to the island (Bahir & Surasinghe 2005, de Silva 2006, Manamendra-Arachchi et al.
According to the published literature, Calotes calotes is the largest among Sri Lankan agamid lizards (Manamendra-Arachchi & Liyanage 1994).
Though the Calotes calotes is one of the most common agamid lizards in Sri Lanka, unfortunately its oviposition behavior has not been documented, even though it has been commonly seen by many naturalists and conservationists over the years.