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(of reproduction) not involving the fusion of male and female gametes in reproduction

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One unusual feature of the text, as the editors point out, is that the Suksmagama does not begin with the tantravatara, the typical Agamic account of how the divine text came into existence; instead, it starts with pupyahavacana, a ritual of purification.
Ovipositing asexual females from the agamic generation emerge from small galls in the bark of twigs several years old, and oviposit through the bud scales of leaves [approximately]2 wk before budburst.
'Official Hinduism' is dominated by Agamic, Shaivite precepts and practiced by the elite in Singapore (ibid., p.
Fertilisation of unreduced gametes: A technique for genetic enhancement within the Cenchrus-Pennisetum agamic complex.
Chris Fuller's paper on the teaching of the Agamic tradition to temple priests in contemporary Tamilnadu is particularly noteworthy in that it points to a tension--which, one might add, manifests itself most strongly in the Indian diaspora--between the traditional pedagogical mode of memorization and a modernist emphasis on understanding the sacred texts first and foremost.
What if these have always existed in different dimensions of social life in South India and have been fused as one by temples wanting to become agamic temples and mythology creating devotees.
The next year, he moved to Oklahoma State University to work in a grant supported research project on the systematics of an agamic complex consisting of the grass genera Bothriochloa, Capillipedium, and Dichanthium that were being investigated as possible forages for the arid Southwest.
42)--Lidova comes to the conclusion that "once we compare the Natyasastra and the Agamic rites, we have ev ery reason to believe that they belonged to one system of ritual mentality" (p.
Agamic complexes, resulting from the combination of agamospermy and hybridization, characteristically have intricate genetic relationships between the original parental species and the derived apomictic forms (Grant, 1981).
Hybridization (n + n and 2n + n) of facultative apomictic species in the Pennisetum agamic complex.
Many agamic texts, such as the Saiva-gamaparibhasamanjari or the Somasambhuppaddhati, give minute descriptions of mantras and their uses without necessarily explaining why they are used or how they are effective.