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small terrestrial lizard of warm regions of the Old World

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According to an npm ( blog post , the attack focused on getting a malicious package into the build chain for Agama and stealing the wallet seeds and other login passphrases used within the application.
Agama of the National Alliance of Liberals (NAL), in moving the motion, made erroneous pronouncements which included that the dismissal of the 568 public servants was targeted only at Ewes and Gas.
He soon, in the village of Cigugur, came in contact with the followers of the Agama Djawa Sunda, a syncretist movement, counted to belong to the kebatinan religion, a designation for a wide variety of local and regional religious movements that fell outside the 'officially' acknowledged religions.
(Eucestoda: Cyclophyllidea) from the Rough Tail Rock Agama stellio (Agamidae) in Egypt.
Etisalat is implementing an Agama solution for its IPTV and OTT service.
Agama Technologies has been appointed by Al-Falak to build a monitoring system that can provide Etisalat with an end-to-end monitoring, auditing, analysing and correlating events from primary head down to the end user devices such as set-top-boxes, smart phones, and tablets.
Afro-Asian Sand Snake, Royal Python, Spiny-Tailed Agama lizards, Indian Star Tortoises born in Al Ain Zoo.
The beginnings of state Islamic higher education go back to the foundation of the State Institute of Islamic Studies or Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) in Yogyakartag in 1960, from which it quickly expanded to other parts of Indonesia.
"Pemetaan Unsur Penelitian: Upaya Pengembangan Ilmu Agama Islam," Mimbar Studi: Jumal Ilmu Agama Islam, Nomor 2, Tahun XXII.
* Leptien's Spiny-Tailed Agama (Arabic dhub) Uromastyxaegyptia leptieni(Agamidae): A juvenile was found in an inconspicuous burrow adjacent to the core zone of the study area and several larger burrows were observed on the stony lower slopes of the wadi.
6, 1960, as Diezani Agama in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
40 minutes looking for an agama. They belong to the lizard family.
Challenger Anwar Ibrahim leads a coalition of three opposition parties: his Parti Keadilan Rakyat, and the Islamist Parti Agama SeMalaysia and the Democratic Action Party.