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small terrestrial lizard of warm regions of the Old World

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This integrated framework which integrate elements of legislation, development and financial will hopefully be used as a guiding tool for Majlis Agama Islam Negeri Pulau Pinang and also to other State Legislative Council, developer, town council, State government and other agencies involved in the development of waqf land.
In response to these challenges, the participants founded the Association for the Study of Religion (Asosiasi Studi Agama or ASA) and, as their first order of business, issued a set of recommendations to the Ministry of Religious Affairs that included changing the field's name from Comparative Religion to "Studi Agama-Agama" or Religious Studies, as well as making religious studies courses part of the general education curriculum required of all first-year students.
Demokratisasi, Toleransi Agama dan Pancasila: Pemikiran
Mrs Allison-Madueke's father was Chief Frederick Abiye Agama.
For that the TTD authorities have to convince the Agama pundits and Seers who have laid down certain rules to run the temple.
From Agama Hindu Bali to Agama Hindu and back: Toward a relocalization of the Balinese religion'?
Walkers can also see first-hand the varied types of indigenous desert animals, from Arabian oryx, Arabian hare, falcons and sand gazelles, to the weird and wonderful spiny-tailed lizards, wolf spiders, and toad headed agama.
Horne's observations included botanical specimens, insects, birds, and this wonderful image from the class Reptilia, which he identified as an agama.
Aided by volunteer John Tribuna, the biologists and their students have been making regular field trips to observe the Spiny-tailed Agama (Uromastyx aegyptia microlepis) commonly known by its Arabic name 'Dhub'.
For the new study, Full and his students used high-speed videography and motion capture to record how a red-headed African Agama lizard handled leaps from a platform with different degrees of traction, from slippery to easily gripped sandpaper.
Similarly, the rise of shaiva tantra with its own canon of agama and tantra seems to have got a fresh inspiration after the arrival of Rudra shiva, the Sha*karacarya from the matha of Amardaka, Kashi during the rule of shivadeva (d.
Two institutions are instrumental in this process, the Institut Agama Islam Negeri- IAIN in particular and the Department of Religious Affairs and Culture in general.
Its network currently includes thirty-three State Islamic Colleges (STAIN), thirteen State Islamic Institutes (IAIN), and six State Islamic Universities (UIN) with campuses in almost all of the nation's provinces (Kementerian Agama Republik Indonesia 2008).
They meet Agama Man, a fancily dressed redheaded lizard who watches over them as Mimbi weaves her home of grasses, Pimbi constructs her home of driftwood, and Timbi makes her home of mountain stones.