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a cord (usually of goat's hair) that Arabs (especially Bedouins) wind around their heads to hold down the kaffiyeh

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"When you look closer, the use of circular patters created by the placement of the agals, is reminiscent of traditional Rondels, the coloured round discs of glass that are held together by grooved panels of lead, which are typical of traditional Venetian architecture and still prevalent across the windows of buildings across Italy, to this day."
Summary: Khalid Shafar strips the original function of agal and uses it to build his designs
Dubai: Most people are familiar with the 'agal', a band-like accessory used to secure the ghotra (white headdress) worn by Emirati men.
Beyond its functional purpose, one would not imagine that the agal would serve any other purpose.
Khalid Shafar is demonstrating to the world that the agal is not merely a decorative object but a piece that can be used to enhance understanding of Emirati culture abroad.
Shafar found that by deconstructing the agal, it can be used as a pure expression of art.
"The idea of turning the agal into a motif happened in 2011 when, during a design conference, I was asked to design a piece that highlighted the concept of a being 'link' and interpret this within my work," Shafar told Gulf News.
Emirati culture and traditions have always served as a source of inspiration to Shafar, shaping his design aesthetic, and he imagined the agal as a perfect representation of a 'link'.
"In essence, the agal is a circular shape that is created by two ends of a straight line being linked together.
His idea of exploring the agal in a different context for the last seven years ended up becoming a unique form of expression that is now his signature touch.
"Beyond its main function, the agal has an emotional attachment to men from this region, dating back to our ancestors.
An on-site inspection showed the brutality by which the Agals were mowed down with indiscriminate gunfire.
Carmen, North Cotabato - Police investigators continued to face a blank wall on the motive for the killing of five persons in the massacre of the Agal family Monday in Barangay Ugalingan here.
Killed were Ibrahim Agal, 50, his children Muhammad, 18, and Sarah, 9; and nephews Pama, 10, and Mustafa, 12.
Police probers were already considering the surviving members of the Agal family to serve as principal witnesses who could help unveil the mystery behind Monday's incident.