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a cord (usually of goat's hair) that Arabs (especially Bedouins) wind around their heads to hold down the kaffiyeh

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Khalid Shafar is demonstrating to the world that the agal is not merely a decorative object but a piece that can be used to enhance understanding of Emirati culture abroad.
Police and barangay officials remained clueless as to the motive for the crime, specially so because the Agals were described as "poor but peaceful people any record of having had any enemies."
(8.) AGAL, Plant derived minerals: The Reference // Contact International P/L.
Situated at Al Wasita in the city of Taiz to the west of the Ashrafite Madrasa, the Al Mo'tabia Madrasa has the rare distinction of being built by a woman, Gihat Al Tawashi Al Agal Gamal Al Dein Me'tab bin Abdullah Al Ashraf.
Agal group with spunk, singing chops and a whole lot of personal crises provides a study in artistic survival in Tata Amaral's intimately crafted "Antonia." Something of a distaff companion to Brazilian megahit "Two Sons of Francisco"--but more authentically rooted in working-class struggle--pic's depiction of rising above is less a candy-coated inspirational pill and more a piece of solid dramatic fiction.
Boys could wear an Islamic head covering, or "kaffiyeh," held in position by a head cord, or "agal." For girls, a long-sleeved dress, or "chador," can be used and the head covered by a scarf.
By genetically manipulating the donor pigs, we can create transgenic donor pigs whose organs either lack the enzyme that synthesizes aGal or possess human cell membrane proteins that inhibit the chain of events leading to rejection.
The latter is kept in place with an agal, a ropelike material, which fastens the clothlike head dress to the head.
(1986) "A indigencia da cultura espanhola perante a diversidade linguistica peninsular; o caso paradigmatico de Miguel de Unamuno", I Congresso Internacional da Lingua Galego-Portuguesa na Galiza, Orense, AGAL, 45-52.
Al Harthi added that every year he wears the traditional Kandoura, ghutra and Agal in the morning, perform the Eid prayers and spend the day with his family.
The leaders appear relaxed without wearing the traditional Arab headdress known as the agal, exchanging cordial smiles.
Nowhere is seaweed given so much fanfare than in Tawi-Tawi's colorful and cacophonous Agal Agal Festival every 25th of September.
In Qatar and surrounding countries, men wear the 'gahfiya' beneath the 'ghutra' (flowing cotton cloth) and 'agal' (decorative black rope).