against time

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as fast as possible

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The song came together fairly quickly, I had a few chords and the Race Against Time chorus was the hook and it all grew around that.
PICTURES: Richard Swingler; RACE AGAINST TIME Sam Ryall on his bike.
British Petroleum is still racing against time to build a funnel to help contain the busted oil rig which is gushing oil into the Mexican Gulf - but the energy giant is unsure whether it will work.
She said: "My biological clock is ticking so I'm in a race against time.
Alner said: "It will be a race against time and we will have to take medical opinion.
In what is Scotland Yard's biggest ever manhunt, Commissioner Sir Ian Blair said: "It is, of course, racing against time.
Steve McClaren faces a nervous wait this summer as wing-wonder Stewart Downing races against time to be fit for the start of the new season.
The Race Against Time Campaign, launched by the Meningitis Research Foundation, tackles some of the myths surrounding meningitis and septicaemia.
WELSH astronomers are in a race against time as they try to discover more about the creation of the universe.
When annual sulfate concentrations for all of the monitoring stations are plotted against time, the graphy, year by year, very closely follows the ups and downs of total sulfur dioxide emissions from the smelters.
Summary: Workers are racing against time to stop the Gulf of Mexico oil slick hitting the coast of the southern United States.
Michelle said: "We've been told she needs to be operated on early, so it's a race against time.
This sets up a race against time, which drives the story, but the movie, written by Frank Cottrell Boyce (best-known for his collaborations with Michael Winterbottom, such as ``Code 46'' and ``24 Hour Party People''), is just as interested in the effect the money has on people.
It will be a race against time to get it ready for Wednesday - but the show must go on.