against the wind

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in the direction opposite to the direction the wind is blowing

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The boatswain had arrived on the bridge, crawling on all fours against the wind, and had found the chief mate's legs with the top of his head.
A man carrying a lantern, bent double as he made his way against the wind, crawled up to them.
They generally prefer running against the wind; yet at the first start they expand their wings, and like a vessel make all sail.
Christopher's, but they had been so long beating up against the wind that they durst take in no passengers, for fear of wanting provisions for the voyage, as well for themselves as for those they should take in; so we were obliged to go on.
'He is filing complaints against the wind because I did not do anything wrong.
Playing against the wind Stour raced into a three-try 21-3 lead with just 26 minutes on the clock, the opener, on three minutes, a pitch-long solo effort by full-back Mark Harrison from inside his own 22.
Students were instructed to position themselves against the wind when taking photos so that the animals, particularly mammals, wouldn't smell them so quickly and run away.
While the flourish on the scoreboard came in the second half it was a battling first half performance against the wind that laid the foundations for victory.
They could travel west against the wind, but couldn't come east to get home.
Alvin High School student Kaytlynn Welsch won first place in health and medicine for her project Win Against the Wind. Chloe Cambridge from Nolan Ryan Junior High won the earth and science category for her project Planetary Distance and Orbital Periods.
Cowden gaffer Colin Nish said: "I spent the 24 minutes hoping we would get goals as well as worrying about how we could defend them against the wind in the second half.
ScentLok recognized that protection against the wind is just as important as protection against the rain or cold.
Simon Boex, chairman of the March Hywel Protection Group, which opposed the development, said: "I'm sure I reflect the feelings of everyone in our group and most residents when I say we're very pleased the Inspector saw the 'common sense' arguments against the wind turbines and dismissed the appeal."
I don't know how they tested these bins against the wind: my guess it must have involved someone standing with a hand held fan about 10 metres away!
An injury-hit Athletic rode their luck in the first half as they went down by two goals when kicking against the wind. The fightback came when Aiden Robson crossed for Brad Hart to volley home with 20 minutes to go.