against the wind

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in the direction opposite to the direction the wind is blowing

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The boatswain had arrived on the bridge, crawling on all fours against the wind, and had found the chief mate's legs with the top of his head.
Christopher's, but they had been so long beating up against the wind that they durst take in no passengers, for fear of wanting provisions for the voyage, as well for themselves as for those they should take in; so we were obliged to go on.
Cowden gaffer Colin Nish said: "I spent the 24 minutes hoping we would get goals as well as worrying about how we could defend them against the wind in the second half.
ScentLok recognized that protection against the wind is just as important as protection against the rain or cold.
An injury-hit Athletic rode their luck in the first half as they went down by two goals when kicking against the wind.
However, even against the wind, Rishworthians got off to a flying start.
Wrapped up against the wind in Cardiff Bay yesterday
SAVE Kalenji windproof running jacket Ideal for runners who are looking for protection against the wind and light rain, yet at a price that won't break the bank.
The Appliances Online crew, who are said to be from Bolton and will race across the Atlantic for charity in December, called the coastguard for help after struggling against the wind and tide, said Ray Steadman of Holyhead lifeboat.
Installation of an interior surface protection against the wind amounts (glazing seals).
I still voted against the wind farm but many councillors feared going against this advice.
JA, along with many other anti-royalists have tried their hardest to underrate the royals only to discover they were spitting against the wind with so many people looking forward to the Queen''s Platinum Jubilee with street parties and streamers all over again.
99) are warm and quiet, and they both have an inner shell fused within the fabric that provides total protection against the wind.
Matthew Johnston equalised for Bloomfield after the break and even though Lurgan played better against the wind it was ace marksman, Nelson, who got what proved to be the winner.
Summary: DUBAI - Traditionally, shea butter has been used to protect the skin against the wind and environmental damage.