against the clock

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as fast as possible


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From then on, and against the clock, participants can work on their proposals until 5pm.
"We're working against the clock, we understand that, and we will be working flat out over the coming weeks and months to achieve that."
Hualien [Taiwan], Feb 8 ( ANI ): The death toll from Taiwan's massive earthquake has risen to nine, officials say, as rescuers race against the clock to reach trapped survivors.
Team Bike was tackling the 60-mile journey against the clock by bike, attempting to arrive ahead of Team Amphibian, which was travelling by boat to Portishead before completing the final 10 miles to Bristol on foot.
The Cyprus Trail Runners, an amateur sports team, are challenging everyone on Saturday to race against the clock.
This emotionally charged series follows three patients in every episode, minute by minute from the 999 call, as frontline doctors and paramedics race against the clock to treat their injuries.
John Ging, the Operations Director for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), said that the ongoing civil war in Syria and its spillover effects continue to inflict a devastating human and humanitarian toll on neighboring Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan, warning that rising numbers of displaced persons, increasing pressure on refugee hosting countries and dwindling international support left the UN "racing against the clock" to meet the needs on the ground.
Valcke raised a number of concerns over stadiums in Natal, Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo as they race against the clock to be completed in time for the start of the World Cup on June 12.
Miley Cyrus faces a race against the clock to recover in time for her European tour after an "extreme" allergic reaction to medication for a sinus infection.
Competing in both the Gold and Silver Tours at the show in Arezzo, the UK Sport lottery-funded World Class Development rider enjoyed a win in the 1m35 Table A Against the Clock Gold Tour class with Zorland, owned by Michael Whitaker, finishing just ahead of Italy's Biococchi and Swiss rider Schmid.
Ali bin Hamid al-Saeedi, General Secretary of OCC and Tournament Director talked about the technical aspects and said that the tournament includes an 18 km individual race against the clock to juniors, youth for 25 km and adult for 35 km.
More than 100 of the world's top cyclists will be competing against the clock in an individual time trial, which starts and finishes at Knowsley Safari Park on Tuesday, September 17.
Class 1 Junior 1: 80/90cm timed jump-off class.Class 2 Junior 2: Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa Jumping Challenge class -- 90/100cm against the clock.Class 3 Adult 1: 85/95cm against the clock.Class 4 Adult 2: 100/110cm accumulator class.Class 5 Adult 3: Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa Jumping Challenge class -- 115/125cm jump-off class.
Mose Buchele of KUT News reports for StateImpact Texas on the race against the clock to save the antelope, which must now contend with the ravages of the drought.