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the place where you are after you die

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Joseph's wondering what Catherine, Heathcliff, and Nelly "could be thinking of to roar in that way over a saint in Heaven" does not merely allude to the belief in an afterworld, but also suggests that the living should not mourn the passing of loved ones who get to go to heaven; that the grief the bereaved experience at the death of loved ones ought to be alleviated by the idea that the departed occupy a realm that is considered preferable to life on earth.
Jeff Bridges ("Iron Man") and Ryan Reynolds star in this 3D action adventure film as two agents who seek out and find the dead hiding among the living and return them to the afterworld.
Said one SCA official, who spoke to the Russian magazine 'Oktyabr' on condition of anonymity, 'The 'Giants' may signify a race of mythical creatures who were said to have lived in the Afterworld.
18) A tour guide, as Virgil and Beatrice for Dante but not in any afterworld, this revelatory journey takes place on earth, exposing infernal, purgatorial, and paradisial realities.
The sister said the man urged his family members to arrange an afterworld wedding ceremony for him and the female ghost.
Stemming from a tradition of visionary afterworld accounts such as the Visio Tnugdali (which Dante supposedly knew), the poem conveyed enough of an aura of revealed truth to provoke a century-long debate among Renaissance readers about the shape, size and exact location of the Inferno.
The third story has been created by the survivors, based on their own, existing myths of vengeful ancestors who live in the afterworld at the bottom of the numerous deep lakes in the area.
40) In fact, what is unique to the Chinese view of the afterworld is its "complex underworld judicial system charged with keeping track of the words and deeds of the living, as well as duly administering the requisite forms of retribution after death.
Thus, a very practical magical combat between the here and the afterworld goes on in laments, a combat in which the lamenter is a kind of gatekeeper and medium.
I expect he and Booth will meet Cheney soon enough in the sulfurous precincts of the afterworld.
Throughout millennia, virtual realities have been created for deceased emperors, pharaohs or loved ones with elegant and costly hardware to ease their passage to the afterworld.
As a quest romance, it can be considered an elaborate version of the poet's search for his beloved in the afterworld (cf.
The play teaches not only about a traditional Mexican holiday but also about Mechicanos' lives, the concept of the afterworld, and, above all, the rich culture that makes Chicanos, Yaquis, and Mexicans unique.
What King expertly examines here is the human psyche and the notion, as he describes it in the afterworld, that we all have divided personalities - murderers can, after all, help a little old lady cross the road.
from that throne of the afterworld, installed in a crypt, where he dwelled as a reclining and somber Dios termino, a voice arose, an unceasing cryptic monologue; it was the spoken word dictated by El Supremo into writing; the word that was heard first and written later, as it is in all the great books of humanity written for the people so that individuals will read it.