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the place where you are after you die

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Riley, 12, is a soul-catcher in the afterworld, and she must solve the case of a lost soul haunting a castle in this spin-off from the Immortals series.
In any case, whether it is a vehicle for guiding them to their final destinations or a way to please them, music within the kwangkay can be considered as a medium of communication between this world and the afterworld.
The mosaic portrays the soul-escorting Hermes guiding a chariot to the afterworld.
We are being swept with vertiginous speed into a worldwide inflation comparable to what happened in Germany afterWorld War I.
Legend has it that every year on the battle's anniversary, war cries can still be heard as the warriors battle on in the afterworld.
That we have no right to hope for a better afterworld until we have made this world better.
But one strong message in The Gatekeeper's Challenge is 'never give up' - and Therese continually finds her approaches that allow her to keep her promises, protect her friends, and retain her own clear vision of what she wants from her life and the afterworld.
These comprise standard funerary rituals for the "good" dead (with highly specific variants for dead monks, for instance) and special rituals for the "bad" dead (a particularly rich theme in Asian cultures, as we know from the studies edited by Baptandier), but also annual communal rituals or festivals that aim at addressing still unresolved (or unsatisfactorily resolved) death matters-- potentially dangerous wandering ghosts who have not received funerary rites, or who have not found the passage to rebirth or to the afterworld, as well as the suffering denizens of hell.
It presents the Kuna view of the afterworld, constructed and performed with many features of traditional gathering house chanting.
I would not be able to look at my son in the face in the afterworld.
The Irish genre of fis (translating the Latin visio) is a part of the broader "semantic basin" ("bassin semantique", to adapt the term coined by Gilbert Durand) of Medieval Christian apocalypses and visions of the afterworld.
A rare form of secondary burial for individuals of exceptional renown keeps them in the living world rather than the afterworld, so that they can be spirit heroes acting as regional guardians.
Jeff Bridges ("Iron Man") and Ryan Reynolds star in this 3D action adventure film as two agents who seek out and find the dead hiding among the living and return them to the afterworld.
Said one SCA official, who spoke to the Russian magazine 'Oktyabr' on condition of anonymity, 'The 'Giants' may signify a race of mythical creatures who were said to have lived in the Afterworld.
The sister said the man urged his family members to arrange an afterworld wedding ceremony for him and the female ghost.