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Synonyms for afterthought

thinking again about a choice previously made

an addition that was not included in the original plan

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More probably the prophecy was an afterthought, intercalated, as I have already said, by the authoress when she changed her scheme.
As an afterthought, he fastened the blanket with a piece of rope yarn, so that Jerry was as if tied in a sack.
"Yes - " he began; but she interrupted with an afterthought:-
An afterthought brought me back, when I had quitted the court.
Louis XIII wanted a discussion from which some light or other might break, convinced as he was that the cardinal had some afterthought and was preparing for him one of those terrible surprises which his Eminence was so skillful in getting up.
"And then there's William," she added, as if by an afterthought.
Tarzan pushed Numa forward until his head was almost in the aperture, then as though it were an afterthought, he turned quickly and, taking the machine gun from the parapet, placed it in the bottom of the hole close at hand, after which he turned again to Numa, and with his knife quickly cut the garters that held the bags upon his front paws.
The fellow scratched his head a moment and said, "No," and then as though it was an afterthought, he told me that he had seen the girl in the crew's room about midnight talking with the German commander, but as there hadn't seemed to him to be any harm in that, he hadn't said anything about it.
And his mother of course,' added Ralph, as though by an afterthought, and with far less emphasis.
'We have said it before that the visits were afterthoughts. We have since discovered that the visits were aimed at wooing voters for 2019 and nothing more.
Live Die Repeat: Afterthoughts 'This movie offered a nice trip into a darker future world where hope was scarce but human spirit prevailed but the roller coaster it took me on was not on the silver screen, it was mostly in the afterthoughts of "what if".'
Carroll though must be our reluctant poster boy heading into the afterthought of all afterthoughts, as this generation's answer to Lineker, Shearer or Hurst.
"Iraq: The Story You'll Never Get From The Media combines a compilation of columns written by Rusty Wilson for the 'Orange County Register' while he served on a Forward Operations Base in an Iraqi war zone, (and which ran between July and December 2004), with a brief historical review of Iraq's history, how civilian contractors got work in war-torn Iraq, the stories of soldiers on the line, the Iraqis encountered, and Wilson's afterthoughts on his experiences and observations once he had returned to the safety of United States.
The women, with the exception of the scene-stealing Whoopi Goldberg and Sarah Silverman, are uncomfortable consorts, afterthoughts.
On Jacobsen's ideal platform, an absolute architectural morality prevails--there can be no mistakes and no excuses, no afterthoughts and no escape clauses, about the siting of the individual components of the scheme.