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Synonyms for afterthought

thinking again about a choice previously made

an addition that was not included in the original plan

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Above all, Todd Maisch, president and CEO of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, wants transportation funding to be more than an "afterthought" in this legislative session.
Why is it fans always seem to be an afterthought for those who run football?
However, Pakistan hockey team manager Hasan Sardar expressed discontent over the FIH's decision and termed it an "afterthought".
He said that three of Australia's big four banks are treating cyber security as an 'afterthought.'
Wheelchair access shouldn't be an afterthought, it should be an integral part of everything we do as a community.
Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said that the decision of the Commission on Election's (Comelec) Second Division to cancel Poe's certificate of candidacy might result to the election of a president who is just an afterthought.
Oh, and almost mentioned as an afterthought:, rising blues star Shun Ng.
SCHOOLS that cater for some of Wales' most vulnerable learners are not performing well enough and are often seen as an "afterthought", the Children's Commissioner warns today.
The cross-party committee concluded women were treated as an "afterthought" and more than half of women continued to receive ineffective short custodial sentences.
If any bar in Little Rock deserved the over-used term "iconic," it would be the Afterthought in Hillcrest (surely deserving an entry in the invaluable "The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture," hint, hint).
Remember ladies, accessories are never an afterthought, it's the little things that make you stand out Visit and order before 9pm for free next day click and collect DELIVERY* Snakeskin Wooden Bangles (2 pack) PS18, Studded Bangle, PS12; Syreeta Leather Clutch Bag, PS28; Love Label Carter Shoes, PS50 Michele Glitter Clutch Bag, PS18; Love Label Paltrow Glitter Boots, PS50 beSt buy Love Label Cara Shoes, PS38; Wristlet Tassel Clutch, PS16 muSt have Love Label Benz Shoes, PS45; Patent Gold Bow Bag, PS22; Structured Clutch Bag, PS15 *Free next day click & collect delivery applies to small 'in stock' items.
Carroll though must be our reluctant poster boy heading into the afterthought of all afterthoughts, as this generation's answer to Lineker, Shearer or Hurst.
But Iconic aligns itself with the "very young and fresh" so one would think that this social media is something that be at the forefront of its communications and not an afterthought--a two-month afterthought.
"Takaful and insurance-related buying decisions in this part of the world seem to be largely made as an afterthought," said Gopi Rao, the general manager of Solidarity General Takaful Company, a subsidiary of Solidarity Group Holding, while addressing the gathering at the 'GCC Mortgage Summit' held recently at the Gulf Hotel in Manama.