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Synonyms for afterthought

thinking again about a choice previously made

an addition that was not included in the original plan

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Ms Wood said: "This hard-hitting report confirms what many people who work in the criminal justice system already know - that women offenders are often treated as an afterthought.
Dark, cozy and often jazz-filled, the Afterthought also hosts meetings like Science Cafe.
He said: "It's great to represent your country, but I felt for the last two years of being involved with England that I was just an afterthought.
An Afterthought Of Light" is a compelling and very highly recommended collection of superbly crafted poems by Victor M.
However, even the most cursory review of those provisions review that they are mere bells and whistles added as an afterthought and in no way change the essence of the ordinance from the prior (repealed) version.
This steamy little island dangles like an afterthought from the tip of Florida--isolated, alluring, and fiercely independent.
If it's included in the original plans, the contractor is more likely to help bring the system in as desired, rather than as an afterthought.
In bright sunlight, internal fabric sails can be raised to protect the plants--this is not one of those glazed buildings where combating sunlight has been dealt with as an afterthought.
It's often an afterthought, a last-minute decision that never receives the attention of an entree or the glory of a dessert.
When I entered the Sies + Hoke booth, my gaze was unexpectedly drawn to a gold-plated steel ball, sitting like an afterthought on the carpeting in the corner of the space.
I never thought to ask my mother about her experiences except once when, almost as an afterthought, I asked what the war was like for her.
Latin America will most likely continue to be an afterthought as Bush focuses on the war in Iraq and global terrorism.
30 Fairyhouse Place lay 7 Finished behind Central House twice already this season, and though he's getting closer, I still think he has it to do with Dessie Hughes's improver 7 Had a busy time of late, and finished down the field in the Pierse Hurdle last weekend 7 Tongue-tie and blinkers didn't work the oracle last time, and now his trainer switches to a visor 7 Six of the seven in the field have realistic claims4 Ruby Walsh is riding Native Scout is more than capable in this grade on his day, but I don't think his preparation has been the best and this could be something of an afterthought.
I'm thinking about an ingredient that is routinely overlooked or treated as ah afterthought, if mentioned at all.
This is where implementing a transaction tax technology solution becomes critical in the shift of the transaction tax department from afterthought to a more creative "value-add" strategic advisory and planning organization.