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an afterimage of a taste

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Da Luca Alto Pinot Grigio 2004, Italy, pounds 5.99 Somerfield Light in style but full of flavour, this unusual Pinot Grigio has a bit more to offer and is slightly fuller bodied with a lingering nutty aftertaste. Serve chilled.
ItOs very drinkable and with no bitter aftertaste. Have it with ice and you canOt go wrong.
Sweet to start with followed by a tangy aftertaste with a hint of port.
Jeremy Friedman, 8th grade: Though the flavor was good, the candies had a smell that reminded me of plastic, and they had an unpleasant aftertaste. The sugary (if somewhat artificial) taste and not-too-sticky texture did a lot to redeem them, as did the animal shapes.
A cool little number packed with exotic fruit flavours which lingered on the palate for a pleasant aftertaste. Pale colour hid the depth and quality of this fine wine.
Bitter tasting with the bitterness reaching a peak in the aftertaste. Tannins also present in this unusual brew.
This has lots of class with ripe gooseberry and exotic aromas and a peachy aftertaste.
The bar was a bit sickly and although it doesn't have any colours or preservatives, it left an aftertaste. 5/10
Half Fat Millac Maid comprises the milk component of the ready meal, the rationale for its choice being its close similarity in taste to fresh milk without the unpleasant UHT aftertaste.
If hardly the savior of Western civilization, Olitski is now eccentric and remote enough to leave a pleasant, lingering aftertaste. The once thin stains of Color Field's early heyday have evolved into a memorably fruity chaos of pigment, like a mixture of saltwater taffy and the Book of Genesis.
The bouquet has a faint hint of lemon and its initial sweetness is replaced by a sharp, acidic aftertaste to provide just the right balance.
Blind assessment: The nutty, sweet- herbal-toned aroma promised intrigue, but most panelists felt the cup disappointed: the acidity was a touch harsh, the flavor rather rough, the aftertaste astringent.
It finishes with a hoppy, spicy aftertaste. A very tasty product, and a good introduction to the style.
Speculation than the bitter aftertaste of the Senate Confirmation Hearings may affect his performance has been added to initial doubts about his fitness to serve on the court.