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an afterimage of a taste

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A panel of twelve highly-trained Descriptive Analysis experts quantified each sample of Starbucks House Blend K-Cups brewed in each brewer, with analysis and evaluation of each sample in three categories: Flavor and Taste, Aftertaste, and Aroma.
Because the bitter aftertaste associated with other stevia sweeteners is absent with TASTEVAA Stevia Sweetener, there's no need to use masking ingredients, which lowers the costs and complexity of formulation and leads to a simpler ingredient list for our customers.
Most of us identified both coconut and peanut butter in the taste, and three of us noted a "chemical" aftertaste.
They said that beer could develop an unpleasant, bitter aftertaste as it ages.
At the same time they have to be sure they are offering products that have overcome the aftertaste issue.
Kaziranga, created from a rich blend of Assam teas, produces a bright cup with a malty aftertaste and is a premium tea to be savoured by dedicated drinkers.
It may cost at least 40p more than its rivals', but Waitrose's diet cola, (***) was sweet and full of flavour, with no aftertaste and just the right amount of fizz.
Tesco melon buyer Paul Cunningham said: "The lemon melon causes a great reaction when people try them because the last thing you expect from a melon is a tangy aftertaste.
Some tasters liked them, others found the ginger flavor a tad off-putting and thought the crackers had an odd aftertaste.
Austrian wines are making a comeback, mostly in the sweet sticky dessert range but this steely dry white made from the Gruner Veltliner grape native to the country has a spicy floral taste to it with a green apple aftertaste - a good aperitif.
Both are sweetened with Splenda but don't have the cloying, sweet aftertaste of Weight Watchers.
The aftertaste is a sense of academic chatter rather than foreboding over the grave consequences that must follow.
For the 45,000 drinkers expected before the event ends on Saturday, its taste was described as a "striking grapefruit nose with citrus hoppy character, underpinned by perfumed sweetness and an aftertaste of orange wine gums".
Another bottle at a very reasonable price, this French wine is light and refreshing and has no lingering, tannin aftertaste, which also means no stained lips.