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a tremor (or one of a series of tremors) occurring after the main shock of an earthquake

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Wiedemer is a Managing Director of Absolute Investment Management, a macro-focused money management firm that is in alignment with the macroeconomic analysis and perspective of Aftershock.
4-magnitude aftershock was felt at Intensity 6 here.
After the quake, there were a minimum of four aftershocks of greater than magnitude 2.
What we experienced on Saturday is an aftershock of the earthquake of May 22 this year and has the same epicenter," Professor Nikolay Miloshev, director of the National Institute of Geography, Geophysics and Geodesy, Sofia, explained.
geophysicist Paul Caruso says aftershocks may occur weeks, months or even years after a large quake like Tuesday's.
People screamed in panic as the aftershock jolted buildings in the city of Van.
However, they were left shocked when the city was indeed shaken by the biggest aftershock since the February catastrophe, which killed more than 182 people.
of aftershocks of a magnitude of 7 or greater in the next three days.
Al Jazeera's Nazinine Moshiri, reporting from L'Aquila, said Tuesday's aftershock killed a fireman, who died of a stroke, and brought fear back to the quake-battered town.
An aftershock shook Pakistan today, rattling the nerves of those who lived through last weekend's devastating earthquake and bringing an even greater sense of urgency to efforts to find survivors under the precarious rubble.
The Japanese Embassy in Sri Lanka on Saturday advised Japanese nationals in the eastern and southern parts of the island country to evacuate over fears of another tsunami triggered by an aftershock off Indonesia.
A STRONG aftershock rocked the quake-ravaged region east of Algiers, and at least three people were feared dead and more than 180 injured.
Nicola Swan bought a pounds 26 bottle of Aftershock - a liqueur stronger than vodka - for the boy and two friends, aged 11 and 12.
A MUM whose daughter died after plunging from a window has blamed the tragedy on the drink Aftershock.
Fiberlock's IAQ line of mold remediation products, including leading brands ShockWave and AfterShock, are among the most broadly used and specified products in the professional mold remediation industry.