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Seismologists descended on North Wales after the 1984 earthquake in search of afters hocks (left), while locals were more concerned with repairing the damage (above)
After 17 years together they shall be making that formal commitment today on the 17th at Botanical Gardens and will be celebrating all weekend
AFTER a hugely successful New Year's bash the Full Moon Party returns to the Olympia for a Valentine's ball on February 14 (whenelse?
MORE than 40,000 people were fleeing their homes yesterday after Japan's northern island of Hokkaido was rocked by the strongest earthquake to hit anywhere in the world this year.
And after one look at those gnashers, they were in no doubt why he's called the great white shark.
Subway City will be opening its doors, offering a fine selection of guest DJs for Lifted & Afters until the early hours.
Roberts sprayed afters have or perfume on their corpses to hide the smell of decomposition, then remained at the address, said Peter Griffiths,prosecuting.
Chelsea coach Gwyn Williams trots out the old "of course he fell down the stairs, guv" excuse following some afters in the tunnel against Wimbledon
Rangers ace Brian Laudrup, laid low by chicken pox, could be out of action for SIX WEEKS afters being KO'd by chicken pox.
But Carr said: "It's a great time, a great occasion but as I've said to them 'Don't get afters into your head.
Subway City's Lifted/ Afters has more guest DJs this week, with three rooms of Hard dance/Funky-electro/Camp and a 6am bar to boot
A STRONG afters hock rocked the quake-ravaged region east of Algiers,and at least three people were feared dead and more than 180 wereinjured.
What we think: Good grooming has just got easier and better thanks to this cooling afters have gel.
Lucky for snapper Nachoun that he wasn't snapped up for afters.
Although I could not get to the concert,I managed to get along to Newz Bar for the afters how party where Heidi Range could hardly hide her delight at performing before her home crowd.