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a brief dramatic piece (usually comic) presented after a play

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Similarly, in Garrick Fever, a strolling actor performs as Garrick in the hopes that his success will earn him the hand of the theatre manager's daughter Polly; this plot point suggests that Planche may have been familiar with Garrick's afterpiece.
As an actress, Robinson was famous for her breeches roles, and during the 1779-80 season she played Nancy in Richard Brinsley Sheridan's afterpiece The Camp (Drury Lane, 1778), a "spectacular de Loutherbourg recreation on stage of the military camp at Coxheath" in which Robinson dressed in a soldier's uniform with breeches (Davenport, The Prince's Mistress, 51).
It remained, according to Richard Moody, 'the standard burlesque afterpiece in new York and in theatres across the country' until 1884, and was also popular in Civil War army camps.
John Rich's pantomimes and ballad operas at Lincoln's Inn Fields in the first half of the 18th century had much in common with the Elizabethan jig, while a shrewd theatre manager such as David Garrick would often try to prop up a faltering play with a popular Afterpiece. Indeed, the spirit of the jig can still (just) be perceived in today's Christmas pantomimes with their stock characters, dancing and slapstick.
An afterpiece by cinema historian Ian Meyrick brings the book right up to date, with accounts of the area's two modern multiplexes and the ill-fated attempt to provide a twin-screen operation in the former Rialto-Casino building in Coundon.
(4.) Paula Byrne speculates that "The Visit" might have been performed by the Austen family as a burlesque afterpiece to their production of James Townley's farce High Life Below Stairs during the Christmas holiday season, 1788-1789 (13-14); the dedication could then have been added after James became a curate the following summer.
Chapter 3 ("The Unique Pictorial 'Afterpiece' to the Abbey of the Holy Ghost in BL Stowe MS 39") takes up two unusual facing full-page allegorical miniatures placed at the conclusion of the text of the Abbey of the Holy Ghost in BL Stowe MS 39, a religious miscellany from the second quarter of the fifteenth century.
In 1611, long before women could legitimately act, Frith herself was "invited onto the stage of the Fortune Theatre, to perform the afterpiece" to Middleton and Dekker's play (256).
"He could have begun his evening," Wu recounts in one of the places, where the commentary comes alive with excitement, "at Covent Garden, watching Reynolds's play, before making the journey to Drury Lane (a walk of five minutes, if that) for the afterpiece there.
Each is the afterpiece within a larger set of celebratory entertainments, culminating in a song of farewell, and each celebrates two honorands in terms of a living miracle that can fulfill the impossible conditions of the shepherdess's oath.
Catharine and Petruchio, as a comic afterpiece appended to other plays, was kept in circulation by John Philip Kemble's revised version throughout most of the nineteenth century.
Although the choreology for this jig is lost, it is not at all unlikely that the 'Garlicke' was a theatre afterpiece or a tavern entertainment and that some of the jig's movements were sexually suggestive, possibly reflecting the awkward gait caused by the pox's debilitating effects on the legs and groin.
The opening sentence sets the tone: 'For nearly ten years, my health had been declining; and for some while before I set forth upon my voyage, I believed I was come to the afterpiece of life, and had only the nurse and the undertaker to expect' (p.
2), Rowson appeared in the dramatic afterpiece following a performance of Inkle and Yarico at Boston's Federal Street Theater, to which she and seven other members of Thomas Wignell's New Theatre in Philadelphia had defected earlier in the fall (Seilhamer 334; Parker 17).
To balance the heaviness, Aldridge made a point of performing a light role in the afterpiece, the short farce that followed the main offering of the evening.