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a brief dramatic piece (usually comic) presented after a play

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So many people are living so long that retirement is no longer just a transient afterpiece, the brief interregnum before death.
11) In this afterpiece, Grimaldi would assemble a Vegetable Man from "melons, turnips and carrots garnered from Covent Garden Market, " but when the Vegetable Man sprang to life Grimaldi would gamely strike down the uncanny monster of his own creation (12) (fig.
As an aside, I disagree with their conclusion that the prologue was most likely to have been lost through the creation of the 1704 afterpiece version; the 1700 version seems to me as good, if not better, a candidate.
The climax of Mary Frith's career as an entertainer was her stage appearance at the Fortune Theatre in an afterpiece to a performance of Middleton and Dekker's play The Roaring Girl sometime in April 1611.
In the early months of 1716, after word leaked out from the rival play house at Drury Lane that Charles Johnson was at Work on The Cobler of Preston, a two-act farcical afterpiece adapted from Shakespeare's Induction in The Taming of the Shrew, Christopher Bullock, in an effort to upstage the playwright at Drury Lane, rushed to the stage of Lincoln's Inn Fields his own farcical afterpiece, also based on the Induction from The Taming of the Shrew, and also titled The Cobler of Preston.
In the revival of Pickwick at the Standard in August 1872 (an afterpiece to Irving's The Bells) The Era (11 Aug.
Further reinforcing private passions as the focus of the evening during a handful of the Oldfield productions of All for Love is Colley Cibber's afterpiece Myrtillo: A Pastoral Interlude.
The first performance--at Covent Garden, 7 October 1816, as an afterpiece to Shakespeare's As You Like It--seems to have left little impression on the reviewer for The Times (8 October: 3): "If estimated by a scale of comparative magnificence this production is obviously inferior to many former exhibitions on the same boards".
In complete command of this genre, De Camp was confident in choosing the premiere of her first full-length comedy, First Faults, for her own benefit night on Friday, 3 May 1799, an evening completed with Katherine and Petruchio, an afterpiece based on The Taming of the Shrew, with De Camp as Katherine.
Yet, as Jeffrey Mason argues in his afterpiece, to valorize such a construct as "America" has come to demand excluding what is "not," thus "lead[ing] to a negativist strategy for asserting one's `American' status by displacing, relocating, or actually erasing the adversary" (234).
Consequently, when a new piece was exhibited as part of a benefit, it was usually the afterpiece.
But only those which print descriptions of the action on stage can convey the whole of this spectacular afterpiece in which the central character, Dr.
21) Some of those extras were retained after the main pantomime run, when the Opening and transformation scene were performed as an afterpiece to other plays, but only until the end of February when those items were dropped from the programme.
Since there were no reviews of the show, which ran for four consecutive nights and may have been carried over into the summer as a melodramatic nautical afterpiece, there is no way we can tell how Aldridge was called upon to play his part.
Clark, The Dublin Stage, 1720-1745: A Calendar of Plays, Entertainments, and Afterpieces (Bethlehem, PA: Lehigh University Press, 1993), p.