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located closest to the stern or tail

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I had to serve at the meals, which the captain took at regular hours, sitting down with the officer who was off duty; all the day through I would be running with a dram to one or other of my three masters; and at night I slept on a blanket thrown on the deck boards at the aftermost end of the round-house, and right in the draught of the two doors.
While it's easy toimagine how a Camden Line rider wouldtake the commuter train to an Orioles game, it's less clear how that rider would get home aftermost games, since the last train leaves Camden Station well before 95 percent of the 2019 season's home games are scheduled to start,according to the latest Camden Line schedule.
In this research, the initial data points ([X.sub.c] < 3%) and aftermost data points ([X.sub.c] > 80%) should not be considered because of the experimental errors caused by the unsteady DSC detection and the secondary crystallization process, respectively [43].
He can hit that ball o'er the garden wall, high up and far away, Beyond the aftermost picket lines where the fleet-foot fielders stray.