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an image (usually a negative image) that persists after stimulation has ceased

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His new book, Afterimage of the Revolution: Cumann na nGaedheal and Irish Politics, 1922-1932, has emerged after years of deep thought, enabling him to place the treaty and the party's self-conception into broader perspective through close reading of public speeches (in the Dail and on the hustings), letters, and internal party memoranda.
Surprisingly, attention and awareness had different effects, the team reported in 2010 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: The more attention a person deployed, the shorter the afterimage lasted.
When we gaze at a shape and then the shape disappears, a strange thing happens: We see an afterimage in the complementary colour.
a veteran supplier of aftermarket and performance parts and accessories, recently launched the eye-catching, innovative FANTASMA OWL Blazing Afterimage Effect.
waved through as remote-controlled afterimage event, stress relief daze
It's not an image from the poem then, but an afterimage of the poem as a whole.
For Shumsky, an afterimage of rebellion remained in her mind's eye, smoldering.
continues to move forward in its nationwide expansion plan and has partnered with Afterimage GIS to map out major new territories for growth and efficiency.
How do we seek a prehistoric cosmology that is not hopelessly compromised by the afterimage of our own religious inheritances, regardless of whether we still believe in them?
The visual disruption that occurs when a laser strikes the eye includes one mechanical reaction--blinking, an involuntary, predictable startle reflex--and three physiological responses--glare, flash blinding, and afterimage.
Another example of Ball State's growing digital reputation is the award-winning spin-off of afterimage GIS from BSU's Office of Wireless Research and Mapping.
You should briefly retain an afterimage of what you were looking at.
That Afterimage does so is a testament to the skill of its editor, Loren Lerner, as well as to the courage and sensitivity of its contributors.
Phillis Levin's most recent book of poems is Afterimage (Copper Beech).