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an image (usually a negative image) that persists after stimulation has ceased

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His new book, Afterimage of the Revolution: Cumann na nGaedheal and Irish Politics, 1922-1932, has emerged after years of deep thought, enabling him to place the treaty and the party's self-conception into broader perspective through close reading of public speeches (in the Dail and on the hustings), letters, and internal party memoranda.
Additionally, the relative position of the eyes at the "breaking point" was determined by the observer's report of the position of (a) the upper half of the stimulus relative to the lower half and (b) the upper half of an afterimage induced with the eyes at the "breaking point" relative to the lower half.
In commemoration of the bicentennial of the War of 1812, the ROM presents Afterimage: Tod Ainslie's Vision of the War of 1812.
Van Boxtel and colleagues study afterimages, the phenomenon at work when a person who has stared at a green square for a minute shifts the eyes to a white screen and a ghostly pink square floats where the green square had been.
When we gaze at a shape and then the shape disappears, a strange thing happens: We see an afterimage in the complementary colour.
If you are a surgeon and looking at a lot of blood, the afterimage you saw when you looked away from the surgical site could be neutralized with green.
I long ago despaired of seeing a convincing example of the green flash, as it always seemed that the observation was dominated and rendered suspect by the afterimage of the red setting Sun.
Shiniest Industries, Inc., a veteran supplier of aftermarket and performance parts and accessories, recently launched the eye-catching, innovative FANTASMA OWL Blazing Afterimage Effect.
It's not an image from the poem then, but an afterimage of the poem as a whole.
waved through as remote-controlled afterimage event, stress relief daze
continues to move forward in its nationwide expansion plan and has partnered with Afterimage GIS to map out major new territories for growth and efficiency.
Philosophers who objected to Feigl's view shortly after his long essay was published were not generally bothered by the idea that an afterimage may be a physical occurrence in the brain; they were bothered by the idea that the qualities of the occurrence that we are or can be introspectively aware of in having the afterimage could be physical qualities.
"Alicia Afterimage" is a story of overcoming the loss of such a short life.
While books like Annette Insdorf's Indelible Shadows: Film and the Holocaust (2002) and Joshua Hirsh's Afterimage; Film, Trauma, and the Holocaust (2003) have focused on the portrayal of Jews in Holocaust-themed films and others have examined the portrayal of Jews in particular national cinemas such as Amy Kronish and Costel Safirman's Israeli Film: A Reference Guide (2003), Patricia Erens' The Jew in American Cinema (1984), and S.
Instead, the afterimage left behind by the collection is that all contributors appear well-grounded in critical pedagogy, but less than well-read in performance theory.