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an image (usually a negative image) that persists after stimulation has ceased

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You will recognize the two optical phenomena in this comparison: the camera obscura (here, as with Louis Lambert, compared to the dark enclosure of one's mind) and the retinal afterimage (a bright object reappears as a persistent, blurred image once the eyes have been closed).
Former AfterImage frontman Wency Cornejo thought of having the show in the first place, as a special way of celebrating his 50th birthday.
Farhadian's alternate universe sometimes evokes an image of Armageddon and the ghostly figures wandering his streets suggest that all these images are simply an afterimage, abandoned by the city's memory.
By contrast, Pucci the performer leaves a pronounced afterimage.
His conceptual art work, The Blue Guerilla, set to the dire rhythms of The Last Poets, Malcolm X, and Gylain Kain, leaves a disturbing afterimage, like an explosion in the eye.
Formerly, Celis was co-founder of afterImage New Media Productions, working with various Microsoft clients on notable projects, including the design of the www.
Then it shuts off--yet a hazy, green afterimage remains.
These "compositions" play abstraction against real-world materiality, and ephemeralize as mere afterimage every few seconds when the carousel moves forward.
Roman's ancient, bearded visage surfaces reluctantly from a grainy black-and-white miasma--he is a ghostly afterimage of himself.
Distilling the effect of the culture industry on the individual body via the idiosyncratic contortions of a single fan girl, the shot yields an afterimage that is difficult to shake.
His new two-part slide and video installation Her face was covered (Part One & Part Two), 2011, for instance, seems like an afterimage of another work from last year, 5000 Feet Is the Best, which stirred up a lot of excitement at the last Venice Biennale and was also shown here--along with Nostalgia, 2009, for which Fast won the Preisder Nationalgalcric fur junge Kunst (National Gallery Prize for Young Art).
But perhaps that was the point: to allow the afterimage of something richly experiential to inform each viewer's own subjective read of the delicately abstract (if at times verging on figurative) lines that Mauss cast atop ethereal gouache washes, or of the deftly layered marks (in ink, acrylic, and gouache) of repetitive imagery and swaths of color that floated in multiple directions across Come and Interrupt Me, 2007.
The crowd's breath collectively stilled once Tunisian photographer Karim Jabbari started waving lights in front of his camera to create an afterimage with the shutter, captivating the audience.
Among the topics are social facilitation and social loafing: revising Triplett's competition studies, minority influence: revisiting Muscovici's blue-green afterimage studies, tyranny: revisiting Zimbardo's Stanford prison experiment, helping in emergencies: revisiting Latan?