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a glow sometimes seen in the sky after sunset

the pleasure of remembering some pleasant event

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Sure enough, the afterglow turned out to be brighter in the X-ray wavelengths, just as it was in the radio," John Ruan, a postdoctoral researcher at the McGill Space Institute and lead author of the new paper, said in (https://mcgill.
These data suggest a strong influence of the color of the wood substrate on the afterglow performance of luminescent pigments applied in clear coatings, although there may be other species-related effects that are also important.
2-meter telescope in Southern California spotted a visible-light flash that brightened dramatically within about an hour, fitting the profile of a burst's afterglow.
Glasgow Academy student Morven, 17, appears on this Saturday's Voice to sing Wilkinson's Afterglow.
Washington, May 1 ( ANI ): For the first time circular polarization has been observed in the afterglow of a gamma-ray burst (GRB) -- the explosive death of a massive star.
com)-- To those who're disheartened for having lost out on Black Friday sales, Afterglow Cosmetics offers another opportunity to buy their award winning natural and organic makeup range at discounted prices.
Afterglow is an exciting installment in the Wildefire series.
In this case, the burst was so powerful that we could observe the afterglow for several months.
This column is written in the afterglow of the success of the Colorado Nurses Association Inaugural Membership Assembly on a brilliant, crisp fall day We have already been blessed with snow in the high country and many winter sports enthusiasts are hoping for above average snowfall in the winter of 2013-2014 However, other Coloradoans continue to recover from the devastating floods in our state and are working to rebuild roads, bridges and homes destroyed in the epic September rainstorm The fall and winter holiday season is in progress and many of us are already planning get-togethers with friends and families around our holiday work schedule
I was still basking in the afterglow for having remembered, and more importantly acted, on Valentine's Day, when you had the audacity to send me GUNS Magazine with the new Kahr girl on page 31 (April 2012).
David Boyd captured the fading light of the afterglow of GRB110503A on 2011 May 3 with a 350mm SCT + SXVR-H9 CCD camera and V filter.
There's afterglow (yellow) to disguise dark circles and brighten skin; dewkist (green) to tone down redness; nude (light beige) to camouflage discolouration and sand (deep beige) to cover up blemishes.
The master tipster gets stuck into some cracking action in Wales and Ireland - don't miss his verdict in the unbeatable RPTIPPING section Wise up on where the big guns will be in action in the build-up to Cheltenham as we bring you a comprehensive post-freeze guide to the Festival 'This is no cosy look back at past glories; there's no idle basking in the afterglow of success' Steve Dennis with the heart-warming story of Peter Hedger, back in the training ranks at the age of 70 In tomorrow's super Sunday edition.
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