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any result that follows its cause after an interval

a delayed effect of a drug or therapy

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In the face aftereffect, we adapt to a face with a particular expression - happiness, for example - which causes us to perceive a subsequent neutral face as having the opposite facial expression (i.
However, paying attention to a feature not directly concerned with movement apparently does not influence motion aftereffects, Chaudhuri says.
Many contend that emotionally confronting the trauma will quell its devastating aftereffects.
But we're not through yet with the aftereffects of all the people who used creative financing to buy homes beyond their means.
White's right: A year ago at this time, Jason White was preparing for LSU with gimpy knees, a sprained wrist and the aftereffects of a concussion suffered in the Big 12 title game.
The pilots, however, reported no awareness of any marijuana aftereffects on their performance, mood or alertness.
Squeezed by high energy prices, climbing interest rates, and aftereffects from creative financing, thousands of homeowners have been forced into foreclosure.
Fighting icebergs, near-frozen water, penguin poop, freezing temperatures, exhaustion and the aftereffects of homemade Ukrainian vodka, they managed to paddle to the Antarctic Circle.
In this way, historical documents detailing volcanos and their aftereffects are not only helping in the study of the frequency and distribution of past volcanic eruptions but also adding much-needed data to the modeling of climate changes that might result from very large volcanos, or perhaps from a nuclear war.
HOME SPA: You don't have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to get the relaxing aftereffects of a day at the spa.
Americans Plan to Spend an Average of $763 on Holiday Gifts This Year Despite the Aftereffects of Hurricane Katrina and Rise in Gas Prices
Advocates say the Web site provides them with a legitimate source of information that they can download and give to doctors who aren't familiar with the aftereffects of DES exposure.
There have been no aftereffects and the child is doing well, Del Toro said.
The Mobile Defender provides information on the type of threat, its location, and appropriate response, facilitating rapid action by authorities to prevent a threat from materializing or, in the more extreme context, to mobilize reaction to threat aftereffects.
Doctors were concerned that O'Neal was suffering the aftereffects of a virus that gave him a 103-degree fever last month.