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any result that follows its cause after an interval

a delayed effect of a drug or therapy

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Cortical orientation tuning and the tilt aftereffect
The NAS is a tool that helps the organization and provision of nursing care, aims to detect alterations early, and allows for quick treatment and, therefore, the prevention of aftereffects (Rehn et al., 2012).
In a series of studies, Matsumiya took advantage of a phenomenon called the "face aftereffect" to investigate whether our visual system responds to nonvisual signals for processing faces.
The error size may affect the retention of aftereffects. For instance, previous arm reaching studies demonstrated that subjects can retain aftereffects longer when the perturbation was introduced in a gradual, rather than abrupt, manner during the adaptation period [6-9].
As for the aftereffects of a fright, "Almost any adult can remember back to a scary movie or television show that caused so much fear that the emotional upset lingered for a few days, weeks, or months.
High fuel costs and the aftereffects of the hurricanes continue to hamper the discounter's performance, executives said.
It also must prepare officers equally well for the aftereffects that can take many years to resolve.
Having to deal with a debilitating psychological problem, Craver discovered remarkable healing approaches showing the reader how easy it is to recover from the aftereffects of traumatic experiences by using the right techniques.
Yates cited low investment returns, the growth of regulation, the aftereffects of the equities bear market and continuing weak bond yields.
Darkness and danger are always present in the work of South African artists, no matter the attempts to whitewash the aftereffects of apartheid, and, Rhode, like many, remains particularly sensitive to the potential for violence to erupt under the most ordinary circumstances.
She goes on to examine the war's aftereffects, such as the 1892 Nurses Pension Act, which restricted pensions to those who had served as Union army nurses only, excluding women who had held other kinds of positions.
Edward, weakened but not seriously injured, was treated the next day for some minor aftereffects of the rescue.
Nine people, or 24% of the respondents, complained of physical aftereffects, such as numbness in the arms or legs.
All Nippon Airways (ANA) plunged into the red in the first half of fiscal 2002 on lingering aftereffects of terror attacks, lower corporate demand and corresponding fare competition amid Japan's prolonged economic slump, the company said Friday.
SAN FRANCISCO, CA--California wine sales volume to all markets (including domestic and foreign) rose 1% in 2001 compared to 2000, to 450 million gallons, despite several negative factors, such as a worldwide recession, the aftereffects of the September terror attacks and increased competition from other wine producing countries.