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any result that follows its cause after an interval

a delayed effect of a drug or therapy

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Nagapattinam (Tamil Nadu) [India], Nov 17 ( ANI ): The aftereffect of cyclone Gaja has unsettled the daily lives of large number of residents of Tamil Nadu's Nagapattinam district.
However, one consequence of this systematic arrangement is that adapting to the extended presentation of a particular orientation results in a 'tilt aftereffect' (see Figure 4a and b).
For the variable that showed a significant aftereffect, we further examined whether the retention of the aftereffect varied as a function of the load.
In the face aftereffect, we adapt to a face with a particular expression - happiness, for example - which causes us to perceive a subsequent neutral face as having the opposite facial expression (i.e., sadness).
But the motion aftereffect may not be automatic after all, according to a study in the March 1 NATURE.
The study by Glasser, along with his advisor, Professor Duje Tadin, and colleagues James Tsui and Christopher Pack of the Montreal Neurological Institute, shows that humans experience the Motion Aftereffect even if the motion that they see in the background is so brief that they can't even tell whether it is heading to the right or the left.
The NAS is a tool that helps the organization and provision of nursing care, aims to detect alterations early, and allows for quick treatment and, therefore, the prevention of aftereffects (Rehn et al., 2012).
While criticised for not using this outstanding cast to its full potential, director Richard Eyre cleverly captures the depths jealousy can plumb and the hunger for revenge, offering food for thought about the aftereffects of infidelity.
Enjoying a good scare may seem like fun at the time, but the aftereffects can be frightening, reveals communications specialist Glenn Sparks, author of Refrigerator Rights: Our Crucial Need for Close Relationships and Rolling in Dough: Lessons I Learned in a Doughnut Shop.
Summary: To this day, people from Halabja still suffer the aftereffects of the gas attack.
IT says a lot about Leslie Ash that despite having to live with the crippling aftereffects of MRSA, the enduring 'trout pout' label and her sister slagging her off at every opportunity, she still has a brilliant sense of fun.
WORLD number 14 Andy Murray insisted he had suffered no aftereffects from the wrist injury which had ruled him out since mid-May as he returned to claim a 6-4 6-4 victory in the first round of the Rogers Cup in Montreal.
High fuel costs and the aftereffects of the hurricanes continue to hamper the discounter's performance, executives said.
It also must prepare officers equally well for the aftereffects that can take many years to resolve.
Having to deal with a debilitating psychological problem, Craver discovered remarkable healing approaches showing the reader how easy it is to recover from the aftereffects of traumatic experiences by using the right techniques.