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a deck abaft of midships

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Oh yes, well, looks like they're cleaning it up now, guess we can move again in a couple of minutes--Maggie, why don't you go up to the afterdeck? You're in the way up for'ard there ...
On the afterdeck, tough negotiations proceeded between father and son.
A highlight is Italian cheese and herb pizza served as appetizers each night on the afterdeck, along with the pina coladas, rum and tonics, and Cuba Libres (rum and coke).
He returned in time to join the Albatross in Manila, however, and was greatly impressed by what he found: "She was a beautiful ship, built like a yacht, with a wide afterdeck where the officers slept on camp beds when the night was hot.
There's a pump under the afterdeck, we pump until the bilge is clear again.
The room is a replica of the afterdeck on the 80-foot yacht that Honeywell owned in the 1930s and '40s.
Aloft Palm Jumeirah is home to six dining and social spaces, which includes East & Seaboard Restaurant - the hotel's all day dining venue; the Afterdeck Lounge where guests can enjoy lounge beats over beverages and snacks; and the Aloft brand's signature W XYZ SM Bar and Re:mix Lounge which will offer the iconic global Live At Aloft Hotels programming that showcases live acoustic performances by up-and-coming artists.
'And, of course, there was the thrill - as a small boy - of witnessing the entire Mediterranean Fleet of the Royal Navy steam past the Royal Yacht at high speed, with my mother and father waving to all the ships' companies from the afterdeck.
Lean over the wall at the Quai d'Orsay and you can watch a dozen barges slip by - a Renault strapped to the afterdeck, potted plants around the bridge - hauling goods from the Channel port of Le Havre to the Champagne towns of Epernay and Troyes.
The Lido Cafe, with its varnished teak floor, faces onto the afterdeck. The buffet selections at breakfast and lunch vary from day to day, and it is here that locally purchased fresh fish or shellfish might appear at lunch.
He told how he picked him up and took him up on deck for some air, adding: "I was sitting him down on the ledge of the afterdeck...
"It's a little more risky (even) in a charter boat because they're smaller as a whole and they have these large, open afterdecks," Gibbs said.