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a device injects fuel into a hot exhaust for extra thrust

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First of all, he has observed an increase in the number of requests for afterburners.
The aircraft is intended to be stealthy and to be able to cruise at supersonic speeds without afterburners, which spray fuel directly into the jet engine tailpipe to create more thrust.
In addition to this Forum, Learning & Training Week will offer an extensive conference program featuring a dynamic line-up of keynote speakers, including The AfterBurners who will present Plan, Brief, Execute, Debrief.
Learning & Training Week's Learning Innovations Conference will offer four-days of conference workshops and full-day tutorials, Macromedia Developer Days, the Enterprise Learning Summit, a hands-on e-Learning lab, enlightening keynotes, 100+ conference sessions, and demos in the learning marketplace, plus the chance to take a simulated ride on a jet with the Afterburners.
It was like you were sitting in the exhaust of an F-14 and the pilot kicked on the afterburners,'' Tomlinson said.
The delta wing aircraft, is a beyond-visual-range close air fighter with surface attack capability, and has the ability to fly at Mach speeds without the use of afterburners.
The senior wide receiver turned on his afterburners for a 74-yard touchdown reception midway through the third quarter Friday to ignite a second-half surge that carried Harvard-Westlake to a 35-8 season-opening win over Burbank on its home field.
The delta wing aircraft is a beyond-visual-range close air fighter with surface attack capability that can fly at Mach speeds without the use of afterburners.
I think the only ones who are going to come out to California are those who have afterburners behind them, either delegates, name identification or money," Hoffenblum said.
We are now ready to do battle and we are turning on the afterburners.
The fact that its wing can generate substantial amounts of lift during takeoff also means that it would not require noisy afterburners like those used on the Concorde, so airport noise would be less of a problem.
Cupolas--These furnaces may require afterburners working at 1300F (705C);
features the firing of afterburners and pyrotechnics after dark.
Guest speakers, the Afterburners, will close out the conference with their unique perspective on how to apply strategies used by fighter pilots to successfully execute missions in the business world.