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a device injects fuel into a hot exhaust for extra thrust

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The SU-27 made a second pass soon after and applied its afterburner while conducting a banking maneuver.
* Thrust: 2,050 pounds dry thrust; 2,900 with afterburners
The current F135 engines generate 28,000 lbs of thrust normally but produce over 43,000 lbs of thrust with the afterburner engaged.
The takeoff was briefed to be a 10-second afterburner go.
Cenciotti also noted the plane's air intakes are also quite small and the back engine contains no nozzle for afterburners, which would probably cause the minor setback of melting the entire jet.
72 Sissoko turns on the afterburners to sprint past Ashley Cole but Cech denies him with a fine save.
Previously, high-volume roasters had to choose between conventional roasters that relied on inefficient afterburners and limited control of the roast process.
The Irish outfit can't afford to grind out a victory today - they need to switch on the afterburners to build up enough of a margin to deny their visitors a losing bonus point, and, if possible, to garner a four-try tally.
When the officer came in pursuit, the SUV pilot lit the afterburners and goosed his speed from 70 to over 100 miles per hour, scootin' onto the interstate toward Rocker, Mont.
The vehicle features an all-new Opal Blue exterior, a streamlined profile, numerous curves, a new interpretation of the company's signature spindle grille, a elongated hood, taillights shaped like jet afterburners and prominent side air intakes.
The result wasn't what we wanted but it was good to get through it.'' Leading 6-3 through two Jonathan Sexton penalties, Ireland saw victory snatched from their grasp with four minutes to go when a superb break and pass from Nick De Luca allowed Joe Ansbro to turn on the afterburners and beat Andrew Trimble on his way to the line.
BALL past the full back, afterburners on, lethal cross to tempt the frontmen and terrify the defence.
He really showed the afterburners to get in for that try.
A fighter jet with its afterburners on reaches 150 body lengths per second, and a space shuttle screaming down through the atmosphere hits 207 body lengths per second.