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a device injects fuel into a hot exhaust for extra thrust

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163/2006 for the award of the supply and installation of four afterburners regenerative serving the biogas engines installed at the sewage treatment plant of Castiglione Torinese.
The takeoff was briefed to be a 10-second afterburner go.
No water, high-horsepower fans or afterburners are needed.
a contract to supply ceramic composite nozzle seals for use in afterburners on GE's F414 engine, which powers the U.
Afterburners are for jet aircraft, not the World War II piston engine aircraft.
an Air Force F-16 from Edwards Air Force Base zoomed overhead, the jet's afterburners shattering the silence.
A line of gas fired afterburners, designed to protect the environment by reducing the amount of VOCs and/or smoke released into the atmosphere, is available from the company.
005 grains/dry standard cu ft of air (gr/dscf), run afterburners at 1300F (704C) and have an afterburner ramp up time of 30 min or however long the blast was off (whichever is shorter).
Lieutenant (jg) David Rash was especially impressed with the performance of the Fulcrum: "I had a MiG right where I wanted him in a really slow airspeed fight when I saw him light his afterburners and accelerate straight up away from me--amazing
The afterburners that propelled several years of consistently high growth rates now suddenly seem to have been switched off.
We could feel the heat of the engines as the afterburners roared over our heads.
Have you seen an F-14 up close and personal -- near enough to have your innards massaged by the ungodly power of dual afterburners blasting at full power?
Military jet flights increased nearly tenfold between 1983 and 1986, yet the scanty environmental review documents failed to examine the impacts of jet flights with their screaming afterburners and shattering sonic booms over the nation's most heavily visited wilderness.
Checking a daily chart, DJIA really turned on the afterburners recently, adding some 8.
Northampton turned on the afterburners in the second half to thump Newcastle 44-15 as did Leicester on Friday night to slam Sale 34-13.