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a device injects fuel into a hot exhaust for extra thrust

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The HSE has now served a formal prohibition notice on the Beach Party ride and four other Afterburner rides in the UK, which are located at Pleasure Wood Hills, Norfolk, Ryan Crow Amusements in the north east of England, and Brean Theme Park in Somerset.
KMG describes the Afterburner on its website as follows: "The Afterburner has a long swing arm that shifts to 120deg with a maximum height of 20 meters.
Musa Magomedov, the General Director of Avdiivka Coke Plant: The thermal and catalytic afterburner is unique for our enterprise.
According to Bill Webb, an FRDC retired vice president, the resulting installation of six large bleed ducts running from just aft of the fourth stage of the nine-stage compressor to the afterburner resulted in a 22 percent increase in airflow, a 19 percent increase in net thrust, and a 20 percent advantage in fuel consumption at cruise supersonic flight conditions.
A new image of the previously studied jet reveals regularly spaced areas that are brighter than the rest of the jet in a pattern that echoes the way the afterburner from a jet engine has brighter diamond-shaped areas in its general glow.
In addition, carbon monoxide emission rates fell below 50 ppm because of the upgraded afterburner system and new controls.
Luckily for the neighbors, the afterburner is extremely efficient.
I know he has not been doing that well on the track but the Afterburner curry has been selling really well.
I could feel a bit of kick as the jet's afterburner kicked in and we accelerated, peaking out at Mach1.
Afterburner makes several contributions to airpower history, most notably Sherwood's use of new interviews he conducted himself.
The first Tomcat pilot selected full afterburner and worked to align his fuselage with the other airplane's.
We took off, we immediately went into this supercruise profile which you climb in afterburner, you level off at 50,000 feet, you pull it back out of afterburner, you're cruising at better than 1.
EPA alleges that Wabash Alloys failed to comply with federal requirements for operating its scrap dryer afterburner, its scrap dryer filter system and its furnace filter system.
After 20 seconds of afterburner use, the afterburner failed and the nozzle fully closed due to oil loss.
Among them is Atlanta-based Afterburner Seminars, which sends fighter pilots, in flight suits, to their customers' shops.