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a device injects fuel into a hot exhaust for extra thrust

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5 without afterburners, a device that pumps fuel into the jet engine tailpipe to boost its thrust.
The Blaze Afterburner XGSX 10-GbE transceiver will be available in sample quantities in the first quarter of 2001; volume quantities will be available in the second half of 2001.
This program enables our portfolio companies to focus on their core competencies and allows our Afterburner partners to support their growth.
This path was abandoned for two reasons: Because there would be times when only one thermal afterburner would be on line, this would affect heat exchanger performance; also, the user voted against this arrangement because when the tubes were cleaned, all three coffee roasters would have to be shut down.
You wouldn't know the afterburner was lit other than you start going faster.
Everything went fine until James tried to shut down the afterburner.
Interior temperature of the oven can range from 600 [degrees] to 800 [degrees] F, and afterburner temperature to 1,500 [degrees] F.
As I lowered the nose to capture 14 units on my AOA, I selected full afterburner on both engines and raised the gear handle.
But Microjet Engineering of Haverhill, Suffolk, lets owners soup up their machines with a jet engine - complete with afterburner - at a cost of pounds 4000.
4% using the popular Afterburner overclocking utility.
Previous legacy programs have needed months to progress from initial onboard power to engine start and full afterburner mode.
With talk of temperature, requiring an afterburner to destroy the carbon monoxide (GO) is good if the CO is there.
I was excited because this was going to be my first afterburner catapult shot.
Los BLA (1): construction of a soil vapor extraction system including catalytic afterburner for remediation of unsaturated soil zone at contaminated site O76 coking Linz of voestalpine Stahl GmbH: Los HAL (2): Building a charcoal air purification system for the removal of one of the exhaust air from a storage facility for excavated materials from the contaminated coke and the other from the wet separation plant located in passing.