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the placenta and fetal membranes that are expelled from the uterus after the baby is born

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It is a legal requirement that farmers must dispose of all afterbirths promptly and safely via an animal by-products approved route such as rendering, incineration or knacker yards.
The emotions that one goes through from transition to the delivery of the afterbirth cover such a wide range of euphoria.
Women are urged not to help to lamb or milk ewes, avoid contact with aborted or newborn lambs or with afterbirth and avoid handling clothing and boots which have come into contact with them.
If the afterbirth is lying very low, covering the lower area of the womb, a transverse lie can also develop.
Kiki's Christmas dress will be blood-red," Bond declares, "just like the afterbirth.
In a group of 693 individuals who were followed for up to 40 years afterbirth, the development of psychotic disorders in general was associated with an increased incidence of probable hypoxia/ischemia, with a relative risk of 2.
You keep your cool without forgetting to announce the combination of abuse and insult and misguidedness on the part of those who watch the afterbirth gangrene because of false assumptions.
The blood left in the baby's afterbirth contains the same immunity-producing stem cells found in bone marrow, and is far easier to transplant, researchers say.
We follow the yellow tracks, leading us to the trickster who dives into earth and emerges in the music, draped with afterbirth.
Founded in 1998, Anthrogenesis Corporation has pioneered the recovery of stem cells and other biomaterials from human afterbirth of normal full-term births for use in the rapidly expanding disciplines of cell therapy and regenerative medicine.
She cut the umbilical cord with scissors, put the afterbirth in a bin and hid her in her bedroom, wrapped in a bin bag.
Defra said pregnant women should: | Not help to lamb ewes, or to provide assistance with a cow that is calving or a nanny goat that is kidding | Avoid contact with aborted or new-born lambs, calves or kids or with the afterbirth, birthing fluids or materials (eg bedding) contaminated by such birth products | Avoid handling (including washing) clothing, boots or any materials that may have come into contact with animals that have recently given birth, their young or afterbirths | nsure partners attending lambing ewes or other animals giving birth take appropriate health and hygiene precautions, including the wearing of personal protective equipment and adequate washing to remove any potential contamination.
Now, a new study by neuroscientists at the University at Buffalo and Buffalo State College has suggested that ingestion of components of afterbirth or placenta-placentophagia-may offer benefits to human mothers and perhaps to non-mothers and males.
her bump wasn't there anymore," Lilianne Swartout said, adding that her sister "smelled like afterbirth," which she described as a "sharp, metallic kind of smell, a little like blood.
It is possible there has been a problem with the birth such as a retained afterbirth or maybe even a retained kitten.