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an afterimage of a taste

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Panelists made comments such as; "perfect porridge", "excellent porridge", "milky after-taste" thus affirming their preference for RSM-5.
The exceptional concoction of sweet and spice lends this dish decorated with pomegranate an amazing after-taste.
It's heady and warming with a silky after-taste that will leave you with a smile on your face.
MycoTechnolog/s process uses mushrooms to remove the bitter metallic after-taste from the plant-based sweetener.
I have never eaten oyster shells or chalk so I don't know about those but it was bursting with apple and melon flavours and had a creamy, buttery after-taste which made it go down oh-so easily.
This is thin, with not really anything in it and no after-taste.
GEORGE McGuigan admitted Newcastle Falcons' 10-point defeat to Exeter left an after-taste which is going to take some washing away.
With its ginger base, Joma is easy to drink with a refreshing after-taste, and has a reduced calorie count of only 33 kcal per bottle.
The taste includes flavours of spicy plum, cherry and raspberry but some may find the wine's after-taste a little too bitter.
Additional sensory trials also demonstrated no significant difference in appearance, taste, texture and after-taste in muffins and cornbread.
There are no messy liquids or dosage cups to cope with or bitter after-taste that children will reject.
That simple dish is transformed with the herb into a richly flavored feast with a lingering slightly sweet after-taste redolent of a sparkling summer day.
It's a dream come true, until she realises that sometimes the sweetest things come with a bitter after-taste. Ladies, welcome to the Cupcake Caf - so irresistibly warm and indulgent, you'll want to stay until closing time.
Many are of the view that Ponting at least deserves to bring both his long stint as captain, and glorious batting career, to a gracious end, but right now, he runs the risk of leaving a bitter after-taste, given his inability to rein in his temper.