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Results from sensory evaluation (Table 6) also showed that RSM-5 was the most preferred porridge in terms of taste, after-taste, mouth feel and overall acceptability.
However, the major challenge with formulating new products with stevia has been its unique after-taste.
It tastes of coriander, with floral notes and quite a long after-taste.
GEORGE McGuigan admitted Newcastle Falcons' 10-point defeat to Exeter left an after-taste which is going to take some washing away.
With its ginger base, Joma is easy to drink with a refreshing after-taste, and has a reduced calorie count of only 33 kcal per bottle.
The taste includes flavours of spicy plum, cherry and raspberry but some may find the wine's after-taste a little too bitter.
Additional sensory trials also demonstrated no significant difference in appearance, taste, texture and after-taste in muffins and cornbread.
Newcastle chipped back with a try down the right to restore respectability to the score, but the night ended on a downer as a mass brawl and double sin-binning added an unnecessary after-taste.
There are no messy liquids or dosage cups to cope with or bitter after-taste that children will reject.
It's a dream come true, until she realises that sometimes the sweetest things come with a bitter after-taste.
Many are of the view that Ponting at least deserves to bring both his long stint as captain, and glorious batting career, to a gracious end, but right now, he runs the risk of leaving a bitter after-taste, given his inability to rein in his temper.
99 that crept in over the years is as unwanted as the funny after-taste so many ice creams leave behind," said Carter.
In the sweetener industry, taste is key to consumer acceptance, which is why it comes as no surprise to see respondents indicate that their top concern about Stevia is the after-taste issue, and improving Stevia's taste profile.
fm's decision a nasty after-taste was the fact that if you lived in the US, Canada, the UK or Germany, you would not have to pay and could continue to use the service for free.
Robust and fulfilling in style with abundant rich fruits, Crozes Hermitage Vieilles Vignes 2005 has balanced tannins and acidity with plenty of spicy warmth on the after-taste.