after-shave lotion

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a fragrant lotion for a man's face after shaving


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After-shave lotions, cologne and perfumes must be used sparingly.
Despite growth in the over all men's grooming business, cologne and after-shave lotion tumbled 7.
This grand meeting at Aintree is the coming together of town and country, Irish and English, horse dung and after-shave lotion, winkle-pickers, stirrups and checked waistcoats.
For men, a routine that includes Biotherm Homme's Non Drying Facial Cleansing Gel, Ultra Moisturising Oligo-Thermal Care and After-Shave lotion can easily be added to even the busiest of days.
The American campaign is part of a global advertising effort for the line, which includes after-shave lotion in 3.
If not, there was evidence to suggest that she was a young 'un who likes to sup her ale from a pint pot, a hint of after-shave lotion on her chin and her leather elbow-pads rubbing against the rough wood of the table.
Don't use a highly perfumed alcohol-based after-shave lotion, as it may sting you and it really doesn't benefit your skin.
Meanwhile back on the leaf, Ferdinand is combing his hair in the reflection from a raindrop,as the musky,masculine aroma of an new after-shave lotion rises from his chin.
On the men's side Neoteric recently launched Alpha Hydrox after-shave lotion, which a company spokesman says will be strongly supported.
In return the Spanish officials gave the Merseysiders a gift bag including programmes, five complimentary tickets for their match against Villarreal , club cufflinks, lighters, key-rings, pennants, tie-pins and even some samples of Real Madrid after-shave lotion.
Black Opal is primarily a skin care line targeted to African-American males that features an after-shave lotion.
You could almost smell the sincerity in his after-shave lotion.