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a fragrant lotion for a man's face after shaving

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But I still slapped on some after-shave balm post-trim, which took the edge off, while my flat-mate found the moisturiser of great use when he returned from Tenerife with a spot of peeled skin.
Indulge him with a unique male spa hamper of a shave oil, Shave gel and after-shave balm for all his grooming needs.
He was taken to hospital, reportedly suffering from the after-effects of drinking after-shave lotion.
I DIDN'T think it would be possible to find anything more annoying than the ridiculous wall-to-wall perfume and after-shave adverts that flood our telly screens in the run-up to Christmas.
Crabtree & Evelyn's Sandalwood Aromatic After-Shave Balm pounds 19 This cooling, comforting alcohol-free balm really comforts and soothes skin, minimising irritation and has the warm scent of sandalwood.
Super-Max also offers a complete range of other pre- and post-shaving products, including Super-Max Ultimate shaving gels, foams, creams and after-shave lotions.
5% duties on pre-shave, shaving and after-shave preparations; deodorants and antiperspirants; and perfumed bath salts will go.
EASE away that tight feeling after shaving with Boots' Time Delay Wrinkle Defence After-shave balm, pounds 3.
An entire Diesel men's line is available, including after-shave lotion and after-shave balm, $45 each.
Thompson also admitted stealing a mountain bike which was chained up in Wood Street, Cardiff and shoplifting perfumes and after-shave from Debenhams, Next and Boots.
A 21-YEAR-OLD Llandudno woman who stole after-shave as a gift for her partner on Christmas Eve must pay pounds 155 in fines and costs after pleading guilty to shoplifting.
A manlier take on the gift basket is Aveda's "Shaving Ritual" set, complete with shampoo bar, shave cream, after-shave balm and blue oil balancing concentrate, which promises to relieve stress and raise energy with peppermint and chamomile.
The Art of Shaving 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave Carry-On Kit, which includes pre-shave oil, shaving cream pump, genuine shaving brush and after-shave balm, $60, theartofshaving.
Restrictions on toiletries create challenges for business travelers TSA rules that limit the amount of liquids and gels allowed on commercial flights have forced many business travelers to leave their favorite after-shave lotions and hair gels behind.
Described by former England Grand Slam team-mate Roger Uttley as 'rugby's Arthur Daley', mischievous Colclough's post-match escapades are said to have included locking his Paris room-mate out onto a sixth-floor hotel window ledge before heading out for the night and getting former England prop Colin Smart to drink after-shave.