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outside regular school hours

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At that time, I always wondered why regular schools could not improve their in-school programs as well as offer lots of after-school classes.
Evaluations of after-school programs: A meta-evaluation of methodologies and narrative synthesis of findings.
Leading Conservative city councillors have justified the closure of the clubs at schools and community centres - used by about 1,000 primary schoolchildren - by saying the government is funding schools directly to provide such after-school activities.
A few investigations have examined the role of after-school programs in preventing obesity and/or promoting healthy behaviors.
Brian Waterman, executive vice president and principal, and Lance Korman, managing director, with Newmark Knight Frank represented The After-School Corp.
LA's BEST - or, Better Educated Students for Tomorrow - is a nationally recognized after-school enrichment and recreation program.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of participation in the Lighthouse Partnership After-School Service-Learning Program on middle school students' attitudes and actions related to social and academic responsibility.
A link from KidTrax makes it possible to identify after-school participants with poor grades, low test scores, multiple suspensions, and excessive school absences.
The club is a new addition to the after-school activity curriculum and the computer programme offers pupils the chance to develop their knowledge of French culture while learning about another language.
This article describes an after-school program designed to meet the personal and social developmental needs of a group of high-risk middle school students, consistent with the American School Counselor Association (2004) position statement for at-risk youth.
3 million--are missing out on after-school opportunities.
Pay-to-play fees help prevent the elimination of after-school sports and clubs.
His mother gave him an ultimatum: stay on his current path and end up in prison or take pare in an after-school tutoring and mentoring program called the Baychester Youth Council.
Young women who took part in after-school activities were less likely than those who did not to be sexually experienced (59% vs.
If a student seeks to participate in after-school activities, his or her urine can be taken and tested for any reason or for no reason at all.