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My parents were also having their own hard time of long-term pressure and after-effect that came from the responsibility of taking their children in front of life and death.
According to the Directorate General of Meteorology most of the sultanate on Monday was covered with clouds as an after-effect of Luban, with chances of scattered rains in Dhofar.
Jeffrey Sachs, the economics Nobel laureate-turned environmental crusader at Columbia University and a world authority on sustainable development, believes that the consequences of war, especially in the Middle East, are also impacting social wellbeing and fixing the after-effect of climate change.
6 ANDY KING Like Ki, King played both games for his country during the international break but seemed to suffer little after-effect. Covered so much ground and assured on the ball.
An apparent after-effect of the TRAIN law, according to Aquino, is the recent announcement of Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines Inc.
Back to the grindstone, and the biggest talk is the after-effect that the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law will bring to our 2018 life.
Maybe as an after-effect of Leicester's triumph, the standard among the modern-day Big Six is higher than ever.
The only after-effect of the terrifying incident is some bruised ribs after she was held so tightly by officer Strachan.
This could be an after-effect of this restrictions.
Doncaster Bloodstock Sales is to be known as Goffs from April, the after-effect of a merger in 2007, but the track itself has an enduring name for providing a better racing surface than most when the mud is flying elsewhere and plenty of meetings are lost to waterlogging.
Perhaps it's an after-effect of my tenure as PMV editor, but I still find it interesting to compare the construction equipment preferences of Europe and the Middle East.
The after-effect: I usually have a really hard time sleeping after a show because I'm replaying it like a movie in my mind.
Hearing loss is the most common after-effect of meningitis.