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Any bloke who has had his wife in his ear about clearing up would not only bear the scars of constant nagging but the psychological after-effects of the resultant clear-up.
Coterminous with flame, it helps signal the transitivity amongst radically different elements, a figurative pliancy, which extends into the transformation of form into movement, and the inhabiting of sense almost void of consciousness (being the 'flame' in an after-effect kindled by the dance).
PERHAPS it was simply the after-effect of an extraordinary Wigan blitzkrieg.
The German cities of Dusseldorf (-19 per cent), Leipzig (-16 per cent) and Binz (-16 per cent) all experienced declines while Athens hotel rates went down a significant 18 per cent during the 2012 summer likely as an after-effect of the tensions the city faced due to the current European financial crisis.
The survey shows that young people are now focusing more on economic issues, this is an after-effect of the Arab Spring.
Garratt adheres to the Caruthian notion of trauma as the after-effect of a violent event whose devastating emotional impact continues to haunt the subject in the present.
FRUSTRATED and disappointed by another call-off, Ian Bogie nonetheless insists the after-effect will not pose a significant problem to Gateshead, writes STEVE BROWN.
1 in 4 who survive will suffer some form of long-term after-effect.
The 'Firework' singer has been enjoying the canned snack in tomato sauce since arriving in the UK for the latest leg of her 'California Dreams' tour and she has been suffering from flatulence, the food's major after-effect.
It was the after-effect of a virus but we had an independent assessor in last week.
This wasn't the result of a fight with a smoothie maker, but the after-effect of a detoxing fruit body scrub at the Amber Spa hotel in Jurmala, Latvia.
He said according to the flagship publication of the UN Economic and Social commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), still the 2011 regional growth out look is subjected to downside risk, notably from the return of high food and fuel prices, sluggish recovery in rich nations, a deluge of volatile capital inflows and the after-effect of natural disasters, although the regional economic impact of Japan's recent earth quake and tsunami will be less severe than might have been initially expected.
Over 20 million people affected, one-fifth of Pakistan's total land went underwater and a death rate close to 2,000 - This was the after-effect of the devastating flood that hit the country in the month of July, 2010.
The surgery was of a gynaecological nature, an after-effect of the ruptured ectopic pregnancy she suffered last year which almost killed her.
While these legacy products kill germs on contact (presuming hands are dirt-free prior to applying), they've also been associated with a growing number of unintended consequences and complaints, ranging from dry/irritated skin after-effect, to instances of abuse and, of course, the flash-point risks presented by these highly-flammable products.