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Amelita Pangilinan discloses this in a Kapihan media forum here, Thursday, as she also assured that the vaccine was tested accordingly and proven effective with minor after-effect during vaccination.
Hearing loss is the most common after-effect of meningitis.
But if you have a child who loves dolls, then an inevitable after-effect of several years of play is the dismemberment of limbs.
The 16th century enclosures are an after-effect of the changes in the relations of production brought about by the class struggles of the 14th century as is the 17th century English Revolution.
Linking the reticence in the novel to belatedness and tracing the figures of zeugma or "double governance" in language, Ohi concludes that The Golden Bowl presents a queer plot in which "the lag in consciousness registered by the characters might thus be read as an after-effect of [the] principle of novelistic antiformalization" (43).
Congress is still debating the budget, an after-effect of the shutdown.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A protein, ferritin, protects kidneys against a damaging after-effect of injury, heart failure or hardened arteries by controlling levels of iron, according to a study published today by researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.
But the after-effect was even better: when I woke the next morning and saw the pictures, it was an instant reminder of a great night.
An information session on lymphoedema, a possible after-effect of breast cancer treatment, will be held this Thursday at the Best Western Grand Hotel, Hartlepool, from 1pm to 3pm.
Coterminous with flame, it helps signal the transitivity amongst radically different elements, a figurative pliancy, which extends into the transformation of form into movement, and the inhabiting of sense almost void of consciousness (being the 'flame' in an after-effect kindled by the dance).
PERHAPS it was simply the after-effect of an extraordinary Wigan blitzkrieg.
Her quasi-ethnographic work makes palpable the need to understand journeys as more than just the incidental after-effect of ticket purchase.
Our research clearly indicates that customers are less inclined to do business with merchants with which they've experienced fraud, yet a surprising majority of merchants surveyed in this study are not aware of this costly after-effect.
The German cities of Dusseldorf (-19 per cent), Leipzig (-16 per cent) and Binz (-16 per cent) all experienced declines while Athens hotel rates went down a significant 18 per cent during the 2012 summer likely as an after-effect of the tensions the city faced due to the current European financial crisis.
FRUSTRATED and disappointed by another call-off, Ian Bogie nonetheless insists the after-effect will not pose a significant problem to Gateshead, writes STEVE BROWN.