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Synonyms for aft

(nautical, aeronautical) situated at or toward the stern or tail

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at or near or toward the stern of a ship or tail of an airplane



References in classic literature ?
Charley walked aft and spoke to him, and while he talked earnestly the young man listened with an amused expression on his face.
So frightful was the speed with which we displaced the water, that a wave rose up on either side our bow and foamed aft in a series of three stiff, up-standing waves, while astern a great crested billow pursued us hungrily, as though at each moment it would fall aboard and destroy us.
Myron Lieberman, author of a 1997 book on the teachers' unions, estimates that the NEA and the AFT together spent over $50 million for the 1996 campaign, compared with $35 million by the AFL-CIO.
Such statements involve potential risks and uncertainties, such as ARC's ability to integrate QMT and AFT as planned and the general effects of financial, economic, and regulatory conditions affecting our industries.
The AFT members are also expected to assess the training conducted by Kookmin Institute of South Korea, and discuss the progress on the completion of double taxation agreements among member-economies.
Upgrades and modifications to the heritage test stands and work platforms recently were completed to accommodate the new aft booster assembly, and particularly the longer nozzle.
In its appeal, the Centre justified the promotion policy saying that the Army, being the employer, has a right to have its promotion policies and that the AFT should not have interfered in the policy decision.
A spokesman for Coventrybased AFT, which was set up in 1992, said: "If appropriate, attendees are invited to the assessment day where they undergo interviews, personality profiling and a basic pilot skills and aptitude test.
The cable is not long enough to span the added distance when folding up the universal weapon's pylon (UWP) with the cable connected to the side-welded aft cage bracket.
Even though the door employs a safety latch handle, when the aft hinge fails the door flexes enough to slide past the stop.
AFT zeroes in on a few areas for improvement, including funding and the highly qualified teacher provision.
Work on that aircraft's forward fuselage and wings in Texas will begin late this year, and BAE Systems will start the aft fuselage in early 2006.
Michael Podgursky responds: Collective-bargaining agreements negotiated by the AFT in large urban districts typically include language restricting the contractual teaching workday to little longer than the school day for students.
More powerful computer hardware, as well as better access to data and the Internet, have enabled researchers to participate more directly in the political and intellectual debates over the public institutions in which AFT members work.