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especially of a ship's lines etc


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Rosenberg recommended the suit be dismissed, noting, "Mandatory vaccination laws are within the scope of a state's police power." Rosenberg also said the law did not run afoul of the Constitution's religious freedom guarantees.
The other is that businessmen he had run afoul of ordered him eliminated.
DOL's rule proposal filed at OMB is likely "to speed adoption of the state-based retirement initiatives underway in more than half the states, most of which have an explicit acknowledgement of the intent to avoid running afoul of ERISA's pre-emption."
Furthermore, the SEC said advisors can run ads or logos on their own sites to encourage prospects and clients to visit third-party social-media sites without running afoul of the testimonial rule.
For more stories of companies running afoul of the FCPA, read these InsideCounsel articles: 11th Circuit primed to issue key FCPA ruling Mistakes and realities of implementing and executing effective compliance programs HP bribery probe expands to Poland Labor: Anti-bribery crackdown is a wake-up call for U.S.
Violations of Bylaw 13.10.2, deemed minor among the myriad ways schools can run afoul of NCAA rules, are fairly common based on national reporting.
Because Telekom Austria already owned Mobil-tel in Bulgaria, its prospective acquisition of Vivacom could run afoul of competition authorities, which is why the Austrian company was contemplating a break-up of Vivacom, keeping the fixed-line and broadband business, but selling the mobile operations.
The Sky Valley Chronicle reports that two home invaders ran afoul of armed homeowners in Puyallup, Washington.
Summary: KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: A Malaysian state's attempt to revive use of gold and silver coins common in early Islamic societies has run afoul of the country's Central Bank, which said Friday that local governments have no authority to issue their own currency.
The machine-tool producer ran afoul of Japanese regs concerning shipments to South Korea and China.
Developer Robert Wolfarth, who ran afoul of the Village at Dadeland Condo Association by renting out units but not paying common charges and association fees, was ordered to turn 15 units over to the association and square up $11,700 in back rent.
He fell afoul of drugs, but while serving his prison sentence, he was given the opportunity to paint more than one hundred murals for the Department of Corrections.
Plus, you can categorize your tax-deductible expenses year-round so you don't run afoul of the tax man.
However, that would run afoul of legislative leaders who insist that time has run out.
Follow up with [e.sup.3] Odor Terminator Field Spray, Dead Down Wind's last line of defense for archers who may run afoul of wayward scents such as gasoline, smoke and food odors on their way to a hunting locale or sometimes even in the field.