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especially of a ship's lines etc


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In the meantime, given the stiffened penalties facing those who run afoul of ERISA, the wise course for plan sponsors is to review the procedures by which they carry out their fiduciary duties, asking at every step whether the procedures are reasonable and likely to bring about the desired end.
For example, at least to this reader the question remains open as to whether his effort to articulate a theo-logic of moral equivalence that distinguishes ordinary wickedness from radical evil runs afoul of his classic Augustinian commitments.
Aggressive tax incentive schemes often run afoul of this limitation.
In Reich, LaBruce's latest offering, plans run afoul for a group of wannabe terrorists when they find that their kidnapping victim has been disowned by his wealthy father for his homosexuality.
A distribution of cash or property within two years of the transaction might run afoul of the disguised-sale rules, causing Bruce and/or Harrison to recognize gain on the transfer of the property as if they had sold it at the time of the transfer.
OTTAWA -- The Canadian bishops' conference plans an in-depth study into the church's relationship with Catholic politicians and others who run afoul of church teaching on issues like abortion, euthanasia and same-sex marriage.
Putting in place a widespread government ban could come too late and may also run afoul of international trade regulations, Bodner contended.
If Beagle 2 remains silent during future low-level passes, it may have fallen afoul of a jinx that seems to afflict most missions to Mars.
Is it not time to declare clear civil disobedience if/when such legislation runs afoul of our conscience?
And their obedience could surprisingly quickly move in to species of nonconformity--supporting clerics who fell afoul of the bishops, undertaking petitioning, even participating in informal conventicling.
Barry was also spot-on with the Liverpool penalty and the challenge on Milan Baros, which wasn't afoul.
Warren was the most powerful media presence in skating until he ran afoul of the corporation types who took over Skateboarder Mag aways back.
But ironically, Rosmini, who sought a fresh interpretation of Aquinas as an antidote to modern skepticism, ran afoul of the virulently antimodern Pope Pius IX and, later, Pope Leo XIII's call to a "pure" conception of Aquinas as the source of Catholic theology.
Small, dedicated teams--whether indigenous to the corporation or culled from external sources--could begin the process without running afoul of the entrenched systems and bureaucracy, moving the process forward.