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Synonyms for aforethought

planned in advance

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Methinks there was some mnage aforethought here from our Ruth!
Similar canniness, aforethought and guile will be needed from the Cabinet if we are to weather the troubled financial waters ahead.
How many of those knife incidents had malice aforethought as the motive and how many were the result of frightened teenagers carrying knives for protection and it all going horribly wrong?
FORMER Liverpool student Ruth Sanderson aims to fashion tastes among the young and trendy with her own clothing label Vanity Aforethought.
MALICE AFORETHOUGHT: This is just how we like our costume two- parters: picturesque with a high body count and a randy, dandy murderer with a battleaxe wife and lots of fluttering, flirting femme fatales and philandering fellows.
Koumas, he feels, is the sort of player who needs such encouragement so it will be with some aforethought that he revealed the player is no longer the first name on his team sheet.
Forget all this, and then you can seriously start to criticise a handful of possible examples of `team tactics', which probably owe more to hindsight than malice aforethought.
And let's face it, NFL offensive linemen aren't exactly the pulling guards they once were, leading the strong toss or power sweep with malice aforethought.
She is absolutely harmless, has suffered from severe anxiety doesn't deserve to be served up as the devil incarnate for what was guileless action without any trace of malice aforethought.
Manslaughter is a killing that involved no "malice aforethought".
This clause is a bit of malice cunningly aforethought to shaft all country sports and to make all country people potential terrorists.
In 1974 he was sentenced to 15 years in jail for homicide with murder aforethought and was paroled in October 1978.
But I have a clear conscience that what was said was without malice aforethought. We all make gaffes of the verbal kind - wishing a hole would swallow us up.