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excited in anticipation


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Summary: The buzz around haute couture fashion week has died down in Paris, but fancy dresses are still aflutter on catwalks in Italy.
Chopard's Valentinethemed model epitomizes love and beauty and is out to set hearts aflutter.
UAE flags were aflutter around the college in the build-up to the 42nd UAE National Day, and ATCUAE President Mohammad Bin Sulayem said: "The Dubai International Rally has traditionally been part of our national celebrations and has a proud and permanent place in the UAE's sporting history.
The UAE was aflutter with flags on Wednesday as people across the country flew the national flag at public and private buildings, schools and offices as well as at homes with a sense of pride and honour.
Twitter has set the financial markets aflutter with the con- firmation that it plans to join the stock market, in the most eagerly-anticipated IPO since Facebook last year.
In the picture, which has already set Twitter aflutter, the bisexual rapper can be seen inflating a raspberry coloured condom and is over the headline "Azealia Banks blows up", the Daily Mail reported.
4Kids may have won the lawsuit its Japanese partners initiated against it, but the anime blogs are aflutter over the court approval to auction off its Yu-Gi-Oh
Curtis Salgado's hometown pals already were aflutter, excited to welcome him home for a CD release show at the WOW Hall.
Ron Paul, R-Surfside, and his finger in Paul's face, emerged after Wednesday night's contentious GOP debate, the media has been aflutter.
8 -- As Valentine's day approaches, every girls heart is aflutter as she awaits a romantic card , a bouquet of the most stunning red roses or her favorite song requested for her over the radio.
Over the summer, Golisano had the locals all aflutter when he noted on local talk radio, "Nothing is written in concrete, but at this point I would say I'm probably going to be the owner of the Buffalo Sabres (http://boston.
Some nights his raspy skin was flecked with blood, or chicken feathers stuck to the back of his neck were set aflutter when the door closed behind him.
Caption: Spring fashion is aflutter with exquisitely crafted zoological studies--birds and insects artfully depicted in diamonds and semiprecious stones.
Come summer, your garden will be aflutter with color
But the article I read on the butterfly industry ('All Aflutter," by Adam Federman) did far too title justice to the whole issue of biodiversity and human exploitation.