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a potent carcinogen from the fungus Aspergillus

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According to the paper, chronic ingestion of aflatoxin in food products increases the risk of cervical cancer among women.
*Increase in research and development such as breeding technique has driven the market growth *Rise in awareness among farmers regarding protection of agriculture crop might act as a catalyst may boost the growth *Trends in foodstuff for microbiological decontamination might accelerate the market growth *Increase in number of cancer patients due to carcinogenic properties of aflatoxin could enhance the market growth
Chief Nutritionist said that the peanut needed for RUFT production must be 'aflatoxin free' as peanut with toxin could not be used to develop medicine for children.
Long-term exposure to aflatoxin has documented negative health impacts.18 Moreover, many consumers chew and spit these products out in public spaces.
Dr Meshack Obonyo from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, says that the samples were collected last December from several millers in Nakuru Town."Total aflatoxin levels in the field were analysed in the mycotoxins research laboratory in Egerton University, where the samples collected contained aflatoxins ranging from 1.
A total of 61.11% (22) yellow maize grains were contaminated with aflatoxin B2, out of which 36.11% (13) were at higher limits then acceptable levels and 25% (09) showed up to the acceptable levels (Table 3).
The objective of this study was to assess the Aflatoxin [M.sub.1] in milk and other dairy products having different shelf lives to make sure the safety of milk and dairy products that's been used in the markets of Libya as milk and dairy products are major source of energy in diet and consumed in great amounts yearly.
Here's what one science scribe wrote of it: 'Aflatoxin is an incredibly powerful poison, and is harmful or even deadly at very low concentrations...[It] is like a secret agent, [an] expert at passing unnoticed but dangerous and licensed to kill.'
Aflatoxins containing material was ground in pulverized form and estimated quantitatively by direct competitive ELISA as described by Barabolak (1977) using RIDA SCREENA(r) FAST Aflatoxin kit.
Aflatoxins were visualized under UV light at 366nm and quantified by fluorescence comparison by applying known volumes of samples and aflatoxin standards onto plates.
The peanuts inside the rotating glass tubes treated for 240 seconds at a 7-cm distance underwent the lowest aflatoxin reduction of 23%.
The poison is called aflatoxin. It's an invisible sub- stance produced by fungus that contaminates staple food and cash crops, mainly in the developing world.
The poison is called aflatoxin. It's an invisible substance produced by fungus that contaminates staple food and cash crops, mainly in the developing world.
However, pre- and postharvest aflatoxin contamination in peanut is a serious threat for food safety and human health in Senegal [3].
Despite the availability of literatures on mycotoxin contamination of groundnuts from different parts of Nigeria [18-20] information on the aflatoxin contamination and risk assessment due to consumption of cashew nuts is scarce.