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a potent carcinogen from the fungus Aspergillus

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Biological suppression of aflatoxicosis in Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) by dietary addition of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).
(2005) observed similar results of aflatoxins contamination in Eastern and Central Kenya during an outbreak of Acute Aflatoxicosis where high proportion (55%) of maize samples from the local markets in all four study districts had aflatoxin levels greater than the regulatory standards.
(15.) Probst C, Njapau H and PJ Cotty Outbreak of an acute aflatoxicosis in kenya in 2004: Identification of the causal agent.
The bio-control technology is made up of strains of the non-toxic fungus, which when introduced into the fields, outcompete and reduce the population of the toxic ones, therefore drastically reducing contamination.' Breaking this technology into its simplest understandable term, Kaptoge said that the fungus of Aflatoxicosis, which has had decades of existence in the world, is of two variants - the destructive fungus and the friendly ones.
Acute exposure of aflatoxin (aflatoxicosis) can result fulminant liver failure (11, 28); and chronic exposure of aflatoxin has been linked to development of HCC (12, 27).
In 2004, Kenya was beset by the largest recorded aflatoxicosis outbreak in which 319 people who had consumed aflatoxin-contaminated maize were hospitalised.
Aggarwal, "Human aflatoxicosis in developing countries: a review of toxicology, exposure, potential health consequences, and interventions," American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vol.
They have also been associated with diseases such as aflatoxicosis in livestock, domestic animals, and humans throughout the world.
Since 1981, yearly cases of aflatoxicosis have been reported in the Eastern parts of Kenya following consumption of maize contaminated with A.
In Kenya, epidemiological events of aflatoxicosis that killed a number of people [29] might have raised louder alarm on aflatoxins.
Silymarin phytosomes have beneficial effects on poultry health during aflatoxicosis (Tedesco et al., 2004; Abascal and Yarnell, 2003).
Acute aflatoxicosis in feeder pigs, resulting from improper storage of corn, J Am Vet Med Assoc 1989; 195(10):1380-1382.
Clinical signs of aflatoxicosis are non-pruritic macular rash, headache, gastrointestinal dysfunction (often extreme), lower extremity edema, anemia, and jaundice.
Aflatoxicosis caused many signs includes listlessness, anorexia with the lowered growth rate, poor feed utilization, decreased egg production and increased mortality.