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a fan of bull fighting

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a serious devotee of some particular music genre or musical performer

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On the other hand, 31 per cent red wine drinkers were more adventurous, humble, claimed to be wine aficionados, introvert, a dog-lover, opposed to a cat lover and spend slightly more on drinking.
"I teach them the use of our products such as Aficionado Liquid Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer.
En la Tabla 1 se presenta la media, desviacion estandar y resultados de la comparacion entre las diferentes categorias de aficionado en los valores de percepcion de justicia y predisposicion a actos de protesta tras la lectura de las cronicas deportivas de los periodicos Mundo Deportivo, As y El Pais.
Summary: BEIRUT: The Cigar Aficionado countdown of the Top 25 Cigars of 2010 concluded this week naming the Cohiba Behike BHK 52, a Havana-made smoke, as the best cigar of the year.The competition began with 700 cigars from around the world.
The Cohiba trademark case that refuses to die has just taken another turn, reports the New York-based magazine Cigar Aficionado.
In fact, any comics aficionado would associate the illustration of a stark, thickly-hatched man-of-mystery beneath the violent red title font as a graphic novel, a genre launched by Frank Miller with The Dark Knight Returns, and later Sin City.
But imagine the disappointment when said 'aficionado' of the lively arts presses play on the video recorder only to be confronted by two sweaty Herberts making whoopee in a Ford Cortina on the junction 3 slip road off the M5.
Graham, a longtime Freud aficionado, here rendered the typewriter into an updated--if already outmoded--mystic writing pad, without once stroking its keys.
The man who founded The Wine Spectator and added Cigar Aficionado is watching his ash grow longer as cigar buffs drift away like smoke through the window.