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Words related to afghani

the basic unit of money in Afghanistan

an Iranian language spoken in Afghanistan and Pakistan

of or relating to or characteristic of Afghanistan or its people

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Al Afghani holds over 30 years of experience in the banking sector and brings to ADIB extensive knowledge in corporate financing and risk management from both a regional and international perspective.
While addressing a public gathering of Kashmiris organised by JKPFL to commemorate martyrdom of a pioneer of ongoing struggle, Rehmani said that Afghani as a zealous youth spent his times and life from 1970s to 1993 solely for mobilising youth for freedom of his motherland.
Photos released by the Afghani president's office of the meeting differ than the photos released by the State Department.
Chaman -- Despite the recent Pak-Afghan tensions on Chaman border, Pakistan has shown a goodwill gesture after allowing 14 ill Afghanis to leave for Kabul on humanitarian grounds after verifying their passports to security officials.
A similar hike in entry tax for Afghan transporters has increased the 1,700 Afghani duty to 2500 Afghani.
In Nangarhar it is usual for shopkeepers to treat the two currencies on par though the reality is that one Afghani is equal to one and a half Pakistani rupees.
The gesture comes in recognition to the UAE's humanitarian assistance and its positives role in the implementation of a number of diversified and vital projects for the Afghani government and people.
After 2012, DRI has arrested Afghani nationals for smuggling gold in such huge amount from Delhi airport, officer added.
With the purpose of involving Afghani immigrants into the social life and to help them to gain abilities which will let them to earn their livings, Erzincan governorship organizes some vocational courses.
Visitors may also try the Afghani confetti, aACAyNoqol', which is made from sugar-coated mountain almonds.
Cairo, March 16 (BNA) - Egyptian foreign ministry announced on Friday that the Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with the Commonwealth has started implementing a comprehensive plan to support Afghanistan in all fields, including the qualification of diplomatic cadre, training transportation and literacy experts, and dispatching experts to repair the monuments of the Afghani city of Ghazni that was chosen 2013 Islamic Cultural Capital.
Afghani is considered to be the founding father and originator of Islamic Modernism.
The Afghani players are quick learners and in view of their recent performance, I can confidently say that they will be able to give a hard time to any teams in the world," The Daily Times quoted Latif, as saying.
The Deh Sabz governor also thanked for the gift, saying that the Afghani people trust Bulgarian servicemen in the coutnry.
Our presence in Afghanistan also emerges from out duties to defend our national interests and protect our homeland and citizens as well as the world through fighting terrorism and terrorists," the minister said, noting the humanitarian role of the Jordanian field hospital in Afghanistan and health services it provides for hundreds of thousands of Afghani people.
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