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Words related to afghani

the basic unit of money in Afghanistan

an Iranian language spoken in Afghanistan and Pakistan

of or relating to or characteristic of Afghanistan or its people

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BADIN -- Awami Tehreek staged protest against severe water shortage in the province, price hike, settlement of Afghanis in province and violence over women and children in the province.
Meanwhile, Naik Muhammad Afghani of Karachi's Karkhano Market is taking care of the narcotics network in the city.
We provide genuine Afghani cuisine prepared by chefs who have mastered it for years," says Qais al Khabouri, joint proprietor, who runs the outlet along with Shaqir Harum, his UAE partner.
The event was organised by the Ministry of National Health Services Regulations and Coordination (NHSRC) to honour Dr Afghani who has been instrumental in establishing contributions to set regulatory tools as per international standards.
Al Afghani holds over 30 years of experience in the banking sector and brings to ADIB extensive knowledge in corporate financing and risk management from both a regional and international perspective.
In Nangarhar it is usual for shopkeepers to treat the two currencies on par though the reality is that one Afghani is equal to one and a half Pakistani rupees.
According to DRI, all 10 Afghanis have been booked under Section 110 of the Customs Act, 1962 and Section 104 of the act.
With the purpose of involving Afghani immigrants into the social life and to help them to gain abilities which will let them to earn their livings, Erzincan governorship organizes some vocational courses.
Afghani Counselor Fazullah Reshten, Afghani Consul-General Atiqullah Atifmal, and Global Village CEO Saeed Ali Bin Redha opened the pavilion last week as part of the growing number of pavilions in the theme park this season.
The increasingly menacing encroachments by Western powers against the peripheral Muslim states for a century and more, the feeling of Islamic solidarity was certainly in the air during the closing decades of nineteenth century.1 The person who accomplished and transformed into a dynamic force in the world of the Islam was Sayyid Jamal ad-Din Afghani. Afghani is considered to be the founding father and originator of Islamic Modernism.
The Deh Sabz governor also thanked for the gift, saying that the Afghani people trust Bulgarian servicemen in the coutnry.
The smell of traditional dishes and villagers going about their day may sound like a typical day in Afghanistan but it is an odd sight in the bustling city of London which now has it's own Afghani village, built as a training field for British soldiers headed to the war-torn country.
Because women do not ride bicycles, they must walk miles." To help Afghani widows rise above poverty, two American women from Massachusetts who were 9/11 widows, Susan Retick and Patti Quigley, created their own charity--which got its start when the women donated much of the money they had received in compensation for their husbands' deaths.
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