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Words related to afghani

the basic unit of money in Afghanistan

an Iranian language spoken in Afghanistan and Pakistan

of or relating to or characteristic of Afghanistan or its people

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During initial interrogation the arrested men confess their crime and revealed that for the sake of money they make fake traveling documentations for Afghani Nationals.
Twenty five Afghani women attend to copper crafting course in Public Education Center of Erzincan governorship.
Latif, who runs his own cricket academy in Karachi, further said that he would try to get few Afghani players to get long-term training and coaching at his academy, which would help them adjust to the highest level of cricket.
The conference was organized by the Afghani government in cooperation with the United Nations.
The Afghanis said the suitcase belonged to their friend, the first defendant and said he brought it from his home country.
DUBAI: Seven Emiratis and an Afghani have gone on trial in the United Arab Emirates on charges of promoting terrorism and raising money to finance acts of violence, the Al-Ittihad newspaper reported on Tuesday.
A money dealer in the city attributed the plunge in the Afghani to rumors that new currency notes being printed by the Afghan government would not only replace the Afghani, but that the Afghani would be demonetized at the same time.
Celebratory images of Afghani women removing their burkahs have come to represent the U.
There are several versions of the afghani currency in circulation.
Some of the Afghani nationals on the aircraft have returned home, but most are still seeking asylum in the UK.
For those unfamiliar with Afghani food, it appears to combine Middle Eastern and Indian elements.
In 1979, before the Soviet invasion, the KGB tried to assassinate Afghani leader Hafizullah Amin, who had ousted and killed Afghanistan's pro-Moscow president, Noor Mohammed Taraki.
I believe that Allah has taken my disease away completely," the 59-year-old Afghani immigrant confided to his imam.
Islamabad -- Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Saturday wrote a letter to Interior Minister for blocking Afghani SIMs working in Pakistan bordering areas.
The smell of traditional dishes and villagers going about their day may sound like a typical day in Afghanistan but it is an odd sight in the bustling city of London which now has it's own Afghani village, built as a training field for British soldiers headed to the war-torn country.
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