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Synonyms for affront

Synonyms for affront

to cause resentment or hurt by callous, rude behavior

an act that offends a person's sense of pride or dignity

Synonyms for affront

a deliberately offensive act or something producing the effect of deliberate disrespect

treat, mention, or speak to rudely

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"It may not be unlawful but it is an affront to parliamentary democracy"
'That these attacks were carried out on the most important day for the Catholic faithful is an affront not only to our faith, but also to the dignity of those who only wished to celebrate the day in peace and fellowship,' she added.
To carry on the argument now with such venom by calling the majority who wish to leave the EU as 'extremists and traitors driven by some demonic force' is an affront to those who fought so hard to uphold democracy.
Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Jan 8 ( ANI ): Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) has decided to rename places addressed as 'Andhe Ki Chowki' and 'Langda Phatak' in the city as these expressions are considered an affront to the differently abled people.
'The Forum, therefore, warns the government to desist from further damaging the democratic process by these acts of illegality and impunity as we regard the affront against the legislature as an affront against the people who elected them and call on Nigerians to be vigilant,' the leaders and elders said.
"The administration's current family separation policy is an affront to the decency of the American people, and contrary to principles and values upon which our nation was founded.
According to an official from a branded food company who declined to be named, said they were affront with raw material problems as all their products need herbs and spices, which they procure from importers or import themselves.
"Such actions are not just outside of the party's rules, but an affront to the basic principles of democracy.
RECORD reader Donnie MacVicar of Renfrewshire thinks it was "embarrassing" that kids were waving the flag of Scotland at the opening of the Queensferry Crossing and that it was "an affront" to "our" Queen.
LABOUR'S Luciana Berger has attacked Theresa May's claim she is tackling Britain's growing mental health crisis as "an affront to the British public".
They ate sliders with beet ketchup, which is an affront to junk food; a salmon dish dubbed "the path to peace," which is an affront to, well, paths to peace; and other over-the-top options, while washing it all down with Israeli wine.
10 (BNA): Qatar's High Representative for the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, has said that discrimination between human beings on the grounds of religion or belief constitutes an affront to human dignity and a disavowal of the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.
THE imputation in the article 'City in top 10 worst cases of shoplifting' in The Journal (January 12) is an affront to the people of Gateshead and demeans the journalism of a newspaper that purports to be a serious reflector of society.
"Any affront to any journalist or media figure who defended Bahrain in its bleakest moments, is an affront to me personally," she said.
"We can see clearly that an act of paying homage to such a place housing the symbols of class A war criminals and other war criminals as a blatant affront to the international justice, a blatant affront to human conscience and a blatant affront to the post Second World War to international order, based on the victory against fascist aggressors in the Second World War and also based on the very principles and purposes of the United Nations Charter"