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Synonyms for affright

great agitation and anxiety caused by the expectation or the realization of danger

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Synonyms for affright

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She hopes for "ghastly shadows" to "his lewd eyes affright" (Shakespeare 1997a, 971), recalling her own rude awakening to his presence:
these Ghosts do always affright the Beholders more than all the other spectral Representations; and when they exhibit themselves, they cry out, of being Murthered by the Witch-crafts or other Violences of the Persons who are then in Spectre present.
"I found myself suddenly arrested by the power of affright and terror," James says, as the pastoral scene dissolves into Gothic nightmare (Letters 177-79).
Are these so unnatural as to affright or disgust?" (22).
mouse, beetle, and silverfish,/The mutter of computer viruses," she protects not only books by "Novelists who titillate or affright,/Athletes boasting of everything they do," but also works by "Poets for fit audience though few." After making her rounds, Nora rewards herself appropriately for such a cat: "...
So lust him led: th'vndaunted Theban knight, with weightie mace had neuer him affright: But now a womans looke his hart enfeares, And in his brest the curelesse wound he beares.
As when two sunnes appeare in the azure skye, Mounted in Phoebus charet fierie bright, Both darting forth faire bcamcs to each mans eye, And both adorn'd with lampes of flaming light All that behold so strange prodigious sight, Not knowing natures worke, nor what to weene, Are rapt with wonder, and with rare affright. So stood Sir Marinell, when he had seene The scmblant of this false by his faire beauties Qucenc.
The child had a portrait on his breast, a portrait of a "most lovely woman" with "dark eyes, fringed by deep lashes, and lovely lips" (Shelley 2005: 167), a woman who would look at himself only with "disgust and affright".
To take to flight in wild affright, with all their might, our horses strove to tear from their fastenings, to leave a country which seemed full of flying demons, but I am glad to say, we lost no horses.
As a trainee in Shaheen Air Scouts at PAF Base Dhaka, he did not hesitate to affright his supervisors by dauntlessly performing inverted flying for a very long duration until he heard the harsh commands from the Air Traffic Control Tower to pull back and fly straight.
3 Show Nothing to your Friend that may affright him.
The Committee's plan to inflict upon him "a regular and immense number of new men annually to carry on your trade" filled him with "consternation and affright." (36) Auld resigned in 1814: he was kept on in the London office, but a final acrimonious split came the following year.
And who can hear without affright The news of war begun[?] Oh when the glory does their hearts inspire, Did they reflect what woes some bosoms fire?
Now (saies he), if you will be Ingenious to me, I will be Ingenious to you, and will perform fully whatsoever I promsied [sic] your Daughter but (saies he) if I find you otherwise, You shall find me worse to you then the very Devil, the sound of which words did much Affright me for the present that it was before I could speak and then I said, How can you be worse than the Devil, to which he made no Answer for by that time we were come neer the Meeting House and so we parted.