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the conversion of a simple stop consonant into an affricate

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Pak, Tae-Yong 1972 "Position and affrication in Northumbrian Old English", Linguistics 82: 52-62.
That is, motivated by prestige and upward mobility, lower class women try to imitate the speech of the upper class but miss the target and end up with affrication rather than frication.
Le terme affrication designe la complexification d'une occlusive (consonne simple) par l'adjonction d'une constrictive (le s , z , ch francais ou d'autres sons similaires ; les consonnes dites affriquees resultent de ce type de combinaison.
The phonetically conditioned allophones of /g/ and /k/ are g and c respectively, but--as is commonplace in Bedouin dialects--the affrication has not always been applied.
t [right arrow] ts /--i Korean (Kim 2001) affrication [t.
The high back vowel [u] (= [w] in a narrow transcription) causes affrication of the preceding alveolar stop, thus /kat-u/ 'win' (pres.
Fongbe dialect of Gbe affrication (Lefebvre and Brousseau 2002: 21) b.
Quilis further states that affrication sometimes applies to the [dr] sequence, which is articulated as a sonorous post-alveolar affricated segment.
The affrication of the voiceless velar stop occurs in back vowel environments, making this phenomenon different from the restricted front vowel environments of other Arabic dialects: duhc, "laughter" < duhk (p.
Work in large urban centres such as Liverpool, Newcastle and Cardiff shows that, although these places are adopting some nationwide features such as labio-dental /r/, /t/-glottaling and TH-fronting, they also demonstrate independent divergent developments, such as voiceless-stop affrication in Liverpool and, from my own work, the fronting of the GOAT-vowel from [u:] to [u:], the widespread smoothing of triphthongs as in doing /d[LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]m/, knowing /n[LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]:m/, and the merger of the vowels of NEAR and SQUARE in Norwich.
1%), followed by affrication or deaffrication of the target consonant letter (23.
a further morphonological rule of affrication /t/ [right arrow] /ts/ in front of the suffix -ione must be assumed in Scalise's approach.
For the sake of completeness, there are further minor cases of allomorphy, namely: (i) root-based derivations, possibly also requiring the already mentioned affrication rule: gest-ire [right arrow] gestione 'management', adott-are [right arrow] adozione 'adoption'; (ii) a handful of derivatives from the verbal theme with a further allomorph -gione: impiccare [right arrow] impiccagione 'hanging', guari-re [right arrow] guarigione 'recovery'.
Clive Holes, "Kashkasha and the Fronting and Affrication of the Velar Stops Revisited: A Contribution to the Historical Phonology of the Peninsular Arabic Dialects" (pp.
For instance, palatalization on coronals or velars easily gives rise to affrication, with concomitant shift to palato-alveolar place of articulation.