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a composite speech sound consisting of a stop and a fricative articulated at the same point (as 'ch' in 'chair' and 'j' in 'joy')

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Plosive, vibrant and affricate phonemes are balanced in both languages in terms of difficulty, indicating direct relationship with dysarthria.
Another sound that is still controversial in Ndebele is the voiced alveolar affricate [dz], in some Ndebele words such as iziwidzi 'sweets' it is replaced by /j/ to be iziwiji, (Hadebe, 2006:178).
Based on data display appear both in the form of a schematic diagram, shows the same number of consonant phonemes that are 19 phonemes, but still have differences in phonemic, ie affricate [[MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]] which appears in all ISP variants, but not in MP.
Since stops and affricates are labelled in the database as pairs of semi-phonemes that consist of occlusions and explosions in the case of stops and of occlusions and frictions in the case of affricates, the total number of different consonants is therefore 36.
/1/ In and /t/ in combination with stops fricatives and affricates make possible clusters at word medial position.
Semantic, phonetic and syntactic contrast between two parts of the lyric, perceivable through the presence of fricative and affricate consonants, inversion, and "wild" designations in the first stanza, and the lack of them in the second.
Description IPA Mexbet Voiceless bilabial stop p p Voiceless dental stop t t Voiceless velar stop k k Voiced bilabial stop b b Voiced dental stop d d Voiced velar stop [??] g Voiceless palatal affricate tf tS Voiceless labiodental fricative f f Voiceless alveolar sibilant s s Voiceless velar fricative x x Voiced palatal fricative 3 Z Bilabial nasal m m Palatal nasal n n Alveolar nasal n n Alveolar lateral l l Alveolar trill r r Alveolar flap f r( Close front unrounded vowel i i Close-mid front unrounded vowel e e Open front unrounded vowel a a Close-mid back rounded vowel o o Close back rounded vowel u u TABLE 6: Emotion-specific vowels in the emotional stimuli.
passing to the northern affricate and these are restricted to a few words: zaschuna (V: 23); zo (I: 10) (V: 11) (VI: 14, 40); zoe (V: 39, 45, 48).
(16.) I include the voiceless affricate /t[integral]/.
The voiceless affricate and voiceless stops demonstrate such kind of tendency.
These spellings strongly suggest that the Hebrew letter yud had turned into the voiced affricate pronounced like the letter j in English.