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establish a forest on previously unforested land

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Whether the subject is afforesting peatlands in Northern Scotland in the 1970s and 1980s (Tomkins 1989), the fate of the long-footed potaroo in Australia or the spotted owl in North America, there have often been marked tensions between different interests in the forest sector.
The afforesting is going slowly and in fifty years, due to the massive and unplanned exploitation, Macedonia might get left with no forest.
The targeted purpose consists in afforesting, by 2020, 250 thousand hectares at the rate of 27 mille hectares a year starting from 2012.
A possible species for introduction for afforesting spoil areas is lodgepole pine, which is known as rather tolerant to pH and nutrient deficit in soil [23].
Technical colour guidelines illustrating the key stages of afforesting farmland (price pounds 7) are available by contacting Terry Thomas, at University College Bangor Tel No 01248 382 287.
The country is currently afforesting nearly 70,000 hectares per year - a rate that is likely to continue well into the next century.
Forestry specialist at the Agriculture Department Riad al-Tarkhou said that al-Assad forest has suffered of many natural conditions such as the lack of rain in winter and the constant dust storms as many trees died and the ecosystem degraded, pointing out that his department works on solving these problems as it has afforested 135 hectares and put a plan on afforesting other 55 hectares in 2011.
To help farmers discover more about tree planting, the university has produced a set of technical guidelines on each key stage of afforesting farmland in practical detail.
Raqqa Agricultural Directorate has taken many measures to invest theAaNature Reserve as a tourist attraction such as breeding deer, afforesting the arid zones and putting stone chairs and umbrellas in the reserve .