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establish a forest on previously unforested land

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P is also reported as a growth-limiting factor in young black alder, silver birch and Scots pine plantations at the young age on quarry spoil in Estonia [38], but also on afforested post-mining areas, according to some studies [22, 56].
It should be noted that the afforested determinant was never revealed in previous studies.
Giuffre et al (2003) reported that there is a significant difference between the afforested pines in comparison to grassland areas based on evaluating of the soil organic carbon in the Patagonia region of Argentina.
Damascus Countryside Governor Hussein Makhlouf said the campaign started from the crossing because it is considered a cultural gate into Syria as 25 hectares have been afforested, indicating that the "campaign is a part of the reconstruction stage which will continue along with the victories achieved by the Syrian army.
Under the new CAP, producers can now include hedges, stone walls, short rotation coppice, afforested land, fallow land and nitrogen fixing crops such as peas and beans.
The forest, which is an afforested piece of land used for leisure activities (Law no.
The empty spaces were afforested with three thousand pine trees planted in 1929 (Figure 13).
Corollary to the afforested problems and to test the conclusiveness of the findings of this study, the following hypotheses are formulated.
They also provide additional non-wood forest products and benefits, from the trees afforested or from other elements of the ecosystem that they help to create.
In afforested blocks and open hill country in particular, the use of dogs to flush foxes to waiting guns is seen as an effective method of their control but it does require a number of dogs to carry out the flushing if this is to work in the large covers we have in Wales.
Farmers will need to adopt measures from a list of options which include fallow land, field margins, hedges, areas with green cover/ nitrogen-fixing crops, buffer strips, trees and afforested areas.
The samples were collected in the afforested land of SM EAmpersandC, which has more than 450,000 of B.
Thus, rubber was promoted as a means of increasing forested areas, though what has actually been afforested is by no means natural forest, but monocropping rubber plantations.