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the conversion of bare or cultivated land into forest (originally for the purpose of hunting)

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According to former Project Tiger director PK Sen, the whole concept of afforestation practiced since 1960 in the country has boomeranged.
Intensive afforestation activities are to take place in the regions of the state game-keeping holding Osogovo a Kyustendil, and the state forestry holdings in Dupnitsa, Radomir, Eleshnitsa, Mesta, Blagoevgrad, Sofia, Etropole, and Pirdop.
While there are no specific references to the lessons learned relevant to a wider audience, nonetheless the final chapter does highlight the major policy, planning and administrative lessons that can be learned by those seeking to start a national afforestation programme.
Fifty-percent afforestation would brake it by an even tinier 0.
The afforestation process is based on scientific factors to confront desertification, water shortage and climate changes," Minister of Agriculture Adel Safar said in a statement to SANA.
The awards are given in the field of afforestation and wasteland development and assessed on the basis of criteria like replicability, innovativeness and creativity, setting up of grassroot level organizations, soil and moisture conservation work and other related activities, target groups like women and weaker sections of society, people in inaccessible and remote areas, work being done over and above the call of duty and involving personal courage, tangible impact in relation to resources mobilized, educative and awareness creating values.
These festivities provided the opportunity to get acquainted with the advanced stages made by the different regions through the afforestation programmes to develop the country's greenery and contribute to the enrichment of the forest heritage thanks to the plantation of new types of shrubberies and ornamental plants.
The experts also regret that promising combined land-use/wood energy projects, afforestation and reforestation projects in developing countries are excluded from the EU Emission Trading Scheme, which is still one of the biggest buyers of carbon credits.
7 billion, half for afforestation of agricultural land and half for other forestry measures.
8 million tons of emissions by undertaking an afforestation business in Australia.
Now its major activities are afforestation and land reclamation.
AgraGate, a subsidiary of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, has been active in collecting carbon credits from owners of afforestation projects, or forestland planted since January 1, 1990.
Contract notice: spring afforestation in the forestry office grabow
He said that Billion Tree Tsunami Afforestation Project campaign is in its full swing and successful.
PESHAWAR -- The District government of Peshawar has decided to plant 100,000 trees in Peshawar as part of Billion Tree Tsunami Afforestation Project of provincial government.