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the conversion of bare or cultivated land into forest (originally for the purpose of hunting)

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For decades, China has made afforestation efforts to attempt to curb the desertification of areas around the Gobi Desert as it expands, and to help fight global warming.
Abu Dhabi - Increasing the celebration programmes during the UAE's Afforestation Week underscores the government's determination to move forward on the course charted by the late founding father, Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, said Dr Rashid Ahmed bin Fahad, Minister of Environment and Water.
The afforestation of maritime pine which was practiced by the French for the protection of sand dunes around Terkos Lake in 1880 and the eucalyptus afforestation which were planted as the decoration plant in the stations of AdanaMersin railway line in 1885 are considered to be the first indications of afforestation in Turkey.
In 1994, Government of Pakistan (Ministry of Environment) planned excessive afforestation in order to increase forest cover in the country which was less than 6% of total area at that time.
Overview: Afforestation Project in Xiaobazi (2001-2011)
Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia modeled five scenarios in which afforestation was carried out over 50 years, from 2011 to 2060.
The programme of the three-day campaign includes distribution of more than 40,000 seedlings in Salalah and other wilayats of the Governorate through the municipal nursery at the parks and afforestation department, in addition to, distributing seedlings by the wilayats' municipalities to be planted in the appropriate places in all wilayats of the Governorate.
According to the affidavit, Lafarge Umiam Mining Pvt Ltd, through its letter on July 15, has informed that around Rs 1.32 crore for compensatory afforestation, Rs 1.07 crore as the cost to raise penal compensatory afforestation and more than Rs 72.66 crore or five times the normal NPV with interest at 9% per annum from April 1, 2007, till date has been deposited in the adhoc CAMPA account.
Discussions focused on ways to introduce recent technology in Afforestation in Lebanon.
"In 2015, when the price of carbon allowances is about $13 per ton of C[O.sub.2] equivalent (eq), additional afforestation occurs on about 8 million acres," said Glauber.
These festivities provided the opportunity to get acquainted with the advanced stages made by the different regions through the afforestation programmes to develop the country's greenery and contribute to the enrichment of the forest heritage thanks to the plantation of new types of shrubberies and ornamental plants.
The EU Court of Justice confirmed, on 27 April, the order issued on 18 April (Case C-193/07 R) requiring the Polish authorities not to begin or to suspend afforestation operations in the Puszcza Augustowska special protection zone.
said Friday it will ask members of its frequent flyer program to donate accrued points or miles so as to support an afforestation project promoted in China's Inner Mongolia by a Tokyo-based nongovernmental organization.
The World Bank said Friday it has started running a fund to reduce carbon dioxide and other global-warming gases through such means as funding afforestation projects in developing countries.
Myanmar and Japan signed two agreements Monday that Japan will provide Myanmar with 746 million yen in grants for scholarships and afforestation projects.