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Synonyms for affordable



Synonyms for affordable

that you have the financial means for

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Through these six different properties, Related Affordable, a division of Related Companies, will preserve a total of 1,155 units in Florida, Maryland, Virginia and New York.
For fully one third of the nation's working and low-income families, securing affordable housing has become a grave challenge.
Prime Minister Paul Martin told community activists in Montreal that the federal Liberal election platform will include a five-year plan to fund affordable housing, a departure from a decade of government policy.
Since high density is a key component of affordable housing developments, many suburban villages are reluctant to be part of the solution.
The letter was prompted by Congress' attempt to designate zero new housing subsidy vouchers as part of its planned $4 billion (13 percent) cut in the affordable housing budget for fiscal year 2000.
The New Jersey Coalition for Affordable Housing and the Environment (CAHE) has had to be deliberate and careful about trust building from the start.
Sunrise Assisted Living has set up a foundation to come up with affordable approaches to assisted living.
94-1 provides guidance on how to account for investments in limited partnerships that operate qualified affordable housing projects.
Dattner-Grimshaw (PRDG) was created by representatives of Phipps Houses, Dattner Architects, Jonathan Rose Companies and Grimshaw, to compete in the city's first ever juried design competition to come up with a plan that would not only transform the 60,000 s/f site, but would serve as a blueprint for the integration of sustainability and design excellence with affordable housing.
OTTAWA -- The Canadian, provincial and territorial governments have failed to uphold the 2001 Affordable Housing Framework Agreement says the National Housing and Homelessness Network, prompting the organization to demand more money for housing, more accountability from governments and an emergency summit on housing.
To make room for people like Patterson as well as seniors, single-parent families and the disabled, Highland Park officials are promoting the development of more affordable apartment complexes, condominiums, town houses and single-family homes.
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