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Two tortured sentences in English: "No need of the golden neck-chains and ear-rings so affluently displayed.
He has lived affluently his whole life and cannot begin to identify with society's most vulnerable.
Blustein (2001) has cogently argued that the field has developed an elegant science about the work lives of a small proportion of individuals who live relatively affluently and has neglected the work lives of the rest of humanity who work primarily to fulfill their basic needs.
17) And yet, while the children of the new Fitzroy residents were tutoring their children to learn to live affluently with a token dose of humility, the same children were also prevented from learning too much from poorer children as they were more likely to attend expensive private schools outside the suburb, as 'Fitzroy schools are well recognised as having a poor academic standard'.
Martino is living affluently again -- traveling the country with Donna Martino, his wife of 25 years, in their custom motorcoach; flying his own plane, horseback riding, target shooting, sculpting, or playing music.
It is all the more necessary to make the utmost effort to distinguish the IT revolution's bright and dark sides with cool heads, overcome the disadvantages and use IT as a tool to enable human beings to live affluently in both the physical and mental realms.
More people are living more affluently, stoking the industrial engines that produce dioxin and other pollutants.
It simply recognizes that we have a fundamental right to the material goods we need in order to live humanly; it recognizes no such right to the material goods we might want in order to live affluently.
Part of a rich family, they lived affluently in Gjakova with their mother, a fashion designer, their journalist father and their 11-year-old brother.