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Synonyms for affluence

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Synonyms for affluence

a great amount of accumulated money and precious possessions

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Synonyms for affluence

abundant wealth

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Smith said: "Because Affluence had been running so well on the Flat it's taken me a little time to persuade the owners to run him over jumps, but he loves it and I first schooled him a while ago.
With Affluence Max Elite, Charland said more Filipinos would be encouraged to invest.
Global South refers to what used to be called the "Third World" (i.e., countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America), "developing countries," "less developed countries," and "less developed regions." If the post materialist values hypothesis requires affluence to lead to environmental concern, it is rational to assume that in less developed parts of the world concern for the environment would not be a priority value and /or concern.
"Manulife Affluence Max Gold allows customers to make a one-time investment in a Manulife-managed fund that suits their financial goals, while Manulife Affluence Income enables customers to make an investment that provides a steady target income for their immediate needs, while giving them the opportunity to grow their money through Manulife's professionally-managed funds," Manulife Philippines specified.
Dubai: Research funded by the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) on the eve of the UAE's 43rd National Day has found that the next generation of the country's nation-builders adheres to traditional values, upholds strong pride in national identity and is happy and satisfied, despite fears that globalisation, economic affluence and open information dissemination may be leading to differing values.
La phase-aller de cette operation, qui est sur le point s'achever, s'est distinguee aussi par une forte affluence de RME et vehicules, en comparaison avec la precedente operation.
However, with rising affluence, "We expect demand for high-value products such as milk, meat and fruits to outpace growth in other food categories," it said.
These health risks have traditionally been associated with affluence, and in 1980, they were more prevalent in countries with a higher income.
The affluence and comfortable way of life we had become accustomed to over the last decade will become nothing more than a pleasant memory as people grapple with the harsh combination of recession and austerity.
The move will mean 200,000 more people will be targeted by HM Revenue and Customs' affluence unit, set up originally to study the affairs of the 300,000 with assets and property of more than Au2.5m.
Unlike biblical times, affluence is not confined to the rich.
Affluence intelligence: Earn More, Worry Less, and Live a Happy and Balanced Life
Affluence Intelligence: Earn More, Worry Less, and Live a Happy and Balanced Life should reach many in these hard economic times and proposes that true wealth is the entirety of a person's life, not just what's earned or saved.
At the end of her letter she states Butetown 1 is "an island of poverty in an ever-expanding sea of affluence".